1.5 Average


Let me give you whole story how bad it is. Movie starts with someone dying, purely half baked plot really no one knows what happen. Next scene some girl got kidnapped and Salman popped out of sky and beat the crap out of everyone and save the girl. Not really sure what was the story about villians because it doesn't make sense. Then all of a sudden Kareena comes and she needs a bodyguard because her life is in danger. Her dad tell Salman please make sure she doesn't know why you are there. wouldn't it will make more sense he should be in civil clothes instead of security. Now Kareena has to get rid of his civil clothes. So she pretends to be this mysterious lover of Salman. So you might think that doesn't sound bad. trust me I may be a better narrator than the director. I also like to reveal where did we see something similar in recent past. Oh yea Ghajini, where Nayak doesn't tell the actress who he really is. well this story comes with a sex change. this time she never reveals who she is till the end. Well what's gonna happen now now. Yep second entry of villain again to kill Kareena, why would they wanna kill her for? Wouldn't it make more sense if they kidnapped her to blackmailed her powerful dad. Well now another great action sequence happen (P.s. I am appreciating what is good), one of the villian's brother died, then Adiyta Panchali main villian ( I think) appears. Only dialogue he says, " Our time will come, now it is his time." What the hell? Dude you are making action movie give the villian some dialogues, give them little hope. Have you seen the bodyguard the tamil movie, please watch it again. I know it's the same guy who made it but I don't think it's the same guy who edited it because it is so half baked. Anyway back to narrating. Now after the awesome actions, Kareena as expected fell in love with Bodyguard but she pretends to Mysterious Chayya and said she loves him. Now he is love, she is love. Amazing song"teri Meri" happens. Very cool music video. I actually decided to see the movie after see this song promo. it was phenomenal. But then back to old third class story. Kareena is in love but she can't reveal who she really is, Salman is in love with the girl who calls him. He is searching for him, to end this Kareena take him to this park make sure that he get stood up by CHayya. Now Salman get an opportunity to show his emotional acting but what he does he shows no emotions nothing whatsoever. He is suppose to be devastated, look we can't relate to him. Salman please watch your Tere Naam, teach yourself how to cry.Look at Kareena she shows different emotion if same frame. Little more input Salman. Well moving on, sorry really didn't think this is gonna be this long. Anyway They go back Salman doesn't get any call till it was last day for Kareena to go back home. Now she calls him as Chayya again and tell him to meet her at station in an hour but he denied as he has to do his job of returning her safely but this servant overheard call her parents. So now villian popped up again for third time with flying mini helicopter. very slick equipment, why couldn't they just put a mini gun or bomb in it if they really wanna kill Kareena. anyway another fight, he killed all the villians. so reprise the villan's role the have not much to say, not much to do except die although there is no connection. now kareena's dad come shot salman and kareena send him to station to protect his life. then movie goes past several years this kid reading this diary about bodyguard Salman who happens to be his son. Finally a twist. so story reveal her best friend cheated her and get married to Salman and have a baby and die and leave the kid diary with her heinous story. Kid goes to the Kareena mansion as ask her forgiveness and ask her to be her mom. Ref: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. but salman says no but she still comes with her somehow to the train. salman get to know the truth by finding the diary. the live happily ever after. please be judge of it. If I lie anything about this movie let me know. because this movie show should not applauded but ignored.