4 Very Good


Ok first of all this film is not a hard kaur luaghing film nor this is a emotional drama and even it is not the dupatta flying types romantic movie.It has all the things in it to make it a masala entertaining as well as comedy as well as emotional romantic movie.The story is about Lovely Singh,who is been alloted a duty to be the bodyguard of Divya.Divya is pissed off with this bodyguard as he follows her where ever she goes.Divya decides to divert bodyguards mind to some other thing that she can be free from bodyguard.But,then unfortunately trying to divert his mind she falls in love with the bodyguard.And then some fantastic twist and turns starts taking place in the movie.Siddique,has penned the script very well.It's something new which is not seen before in bollywood.Just few things in first part becomes bit boring.But,the climax is like wow.The twist which comes in climax is not even imagined.

Siddique has directed this film before 2 times.So,he correctly knows how to direct it the 3rd time.His direction is really commendable.Be it action sequences or the romantic sequences or the emotional sequence it gives a feel of everything. I mean when there is a action scene you feel the action is going in reality.The romantic scenes you feel the romance is in air and in emotional scenes there are tears in your eyes.Just one word for him mind blowing.Ditto for Sejal Shah's cinematography.Sanjay Sankla deserves standing ovation for his awesome editing.

Himesh Reshammiya is back.Each and every song is composed by him really well.My favourite is Teri Meri it's really touching.I love you is composed by Pritam,it's a nice song.I can't forget to compliment each and every choreohrapher Ganesh Acharya, Mudassar and Vishnu Deva.All 3 have done fantastic job.

Actors are as per the performance.

1)Kareena Kapoor:
Kareena is not one of my favourite actress.But,she has become after this film.First of all she looks stunning in this film.She has never looked so beautiful in any of her films before.She carries of her role really well.Thank god no new actress was casted in this film for this role.Because the character demands to much.And Kareena does justice to the character.She is perfect in each and every scene.She once again delivers an award winning performance.

2)Salman Khan:
First of all this is Salmans best film till date.It's really difficult to be a tough looking bodyguard but with an innocent heart.Salman is the only actor who could do this role.He is the right choice for this character.He delivers the role really well.Hats Off to Salman Khan "The Perfect Boduguard".

3)Hazel Keech:
Hazel as her first bollywood film she is really nice.She has a charm to get more nice films in bollywood.But, for a significant role which she has,I wish some known face would have been casted.Her role is really important in climax,so a known actress could have been really better for the role.

4)Rajat Rawail:
Rajat is hilarious.He performs his part fantastically.Great job done by him.

5)Raj Babbar:
It's really nice to see Raj Ji on screen after a long time.He is dam good in the role of the caring father.

6)Katrina Kaif:
I know that she is just there in the film for 2 mins.But,she sizzles in the song.She is awesome in that song.She leaves a mark.

7)Chetan Hansraj:
Chetan Hansraj don't get too much scope.But,he is good in action scenes.

8)Aditya Pancholi:
Aditya Pancholi is average in his cameo.

Asrani Ji is really nice in his short role.

10)Mahesh Manjrekar:
Mahesh Manjrekar has done overacting in each and every scene he has.

Overall: Bodygurad is one of the best films I have seen till date.Go watch it.Enjoy it.And feel the love.