3 Good

The Story in Brief (No Direct Spoilers):

The movie starts with the titles and the song Rehnuma (Kaatil Adaa) plays in the
background. The pre-interval portion moves at a very sluggish pace and only
introduces all main protagonists in the movie. Initially the movie delves on the
friendship of Akshay (Aarav Malhotra) and Sanjay Dutt whom he affectionately
refers to as Saitji. Akshay prods Sanjay to embark on the search for the sunken
ship called Lady Blue. However, Sanjay has some emotional past link with the
ship that he gets angry whenever he hears Akshay speak of it. The movie then
introduces Lara Dutta as Sanjus wife Mona in the song Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai. At
the end of the song Lara and Sanju talk of his brother Zayed Khan (Samir).

The movie then shifts to somewhere in a city and introduce Katrina Kaif, Zayed
Khan and Rahul Dev. Katrina challenges Zayed for a bike race with Rahul and
Zayed defeats Rahul. Seeing his talent in high speed biking, Katrina and Rahul
offer Zayed a job of delivering highly riskly parcels within a time limit. On
his first assignment, Rahul informs the police and police bikes join Zayeds
tail. In the ensuing chase Zayed looses his parcel worth 50 million dollars.
Rahul threatens Zayed with death and Zayed escapes to the Bahamas to meet his
brother. In Bahamas, Zayed is welcomed back home. Akshay is particularly
overjoyed to see Zayed and gifts him a Ducati bike. They also enjoy at a night
club and we get to see the Chiggy Wiggy song and the song BLUE one after the
other. The movie moves to the interval after one more argument between Akshay
and Sanjay on the ship "Lady Blue".

After the interval the movie really caches place with Rahul Dev landing up in
Bahamas asking for his 50 million dollars. Akshay and Zayed then tries to
convince Sanjay on recovering the treasure from Lady Blue and returning the
money. When even Lara is threatened by Rahuls men, Sanjay agrees and the trio
embark on the journey into sea to find the sunken ship. The song Bhoola Tujhe is
played out during the journey. The rest of the story is about finding the ship &
overcoming Rahul Devs thugs.

The song Fiqrana is pictured on Akshay and Zayed and is shown during the end

The Actors:

Zayed Khan has got the glamorous role among the lead actors. He has a stylish
introduction and most of the fantastic action sequences are filmed on him. He
evens has Katrina paired with him. The scenes of him and Katrina are really
great. They do make a great pair.

Sanjay Dutt has the next best role. As the caring protective and morally good
brother Sanju does a fantastic job.

Lara Dutt is great in Bikinis swimming around in the water.

Akshay Kumar has a kind of side role. He has shades of grey in his role and his
main objective is to convince Sanjay to go for the treasure. He doesn't have any
of the meaty action sequences or fights filmed on him and this is a big let down
to fans like us. He does have one of the underwater fights. But with a mask on,
you dont see much of Akki in that fight. He doesn't have any solo song either.

Rahul Dev was menacing as he is meant to be.

Katrina Kaif looked cute and did her role well.

Kabir Bedi is completely wasted in the short role without even a line to speak.

The Script:

As usual in Hindi films, the script is the major let down. Especially the
climax. The climax looked so weak that it undid a majority of the impact that
the technical effects had on the audience. The ending was so simple and there
was no great stunts in the end to culminate the movie. The movie just ended
abruptly when u were just getting ready to enjoy the fun. Also a major flaw in
the script was the attempt to make Akshay look like a really good guy. It spoilt
all the fun.

The Direction & Stunts:

Hats off to Anthony D'Souza. For the first time in Hindi cinema I have seen 100%
perfectly filmed stunts. The stunts were so realistic that it is really a proud
moment for Hindi cinema thanks to James Bomalick who was the special effects
technician of Hollywood blockbusters such as Indiana Jones, Fast and the
Furious, The Mummy, AI, Babel, Minority Report etc. The technical side is the
highlight of this movie and Anthony has carried the movie well on his shoulders
with the help of Bomalick. Dont know who has done the real good job.

The chase where Zayed is chased by cops on Bikes is filmed so well, that it gave
u the impression of a Hollywood flick. Even the bike chase in the woods was done
well. There are two bike chases in the movie. I think Bomalick was using much of
his "Fast & The Furious" ideas !


Laxman Utekar and Pete Zuccarini have done a wonderful job picturing the sea,
ship wreck and the Bahamas bringing the marine world live to the audience on the
front benches. Hope it impresses them !!!

Music & Sound

Music by AR Rahman and Sound by Rasool Pookkutty was good. The sounds of the
ocean and the bike chases were amazing.


As I said before, the pre-interval portion of the movie moves on at a very
sluggish pace. Nothing much of the story is introduced here. Only all the lead
actors are introduced one after the other.

Spanning just around 2 hours, BLUE overall is movie with amazing visual effects
and fantastic action sequences. However, the movie is let down by its weak
script which doesn't give much scope to any of the lead actors, especially
Akshay Kumar. I wonder why the movie is so short. Maybe they were aiming for a
release in the USA? The movie could have been a tinge longer giving more time
for the climax and some more scope to our lead actor Akshay. After all Akshay is
the one actor with the biggest star value. He definitely deserved a better role.
Anyways, I dont feel let down as I felt after watch CC2C.

If people clap and appreciates the stunts, the movie may become an average
grosser, but it needs to be seen if the movie can recover its huge cost. I would
rate the movie in the category of Dhoom 2 and since Dhoom 2 was a huge grosser I
hope the same for BLUE too. However, I am skeptic.

My rating *** ( 3 stars out of 5 )