4 Very Good

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

I had decided that I will not be biased while writing these reviews… & yet after watching the movie I cannot help but being biased!!! To hit the right note on the onset, it surpassed my expectations by all means; though it left me wondering if Priyan decided to take Akki in the movie only after scripting the first half!! I had never seen any of its earlier versions before (thankfully) & probably was objective in its midst to wonder if it was an Indian movie & that too with Priyadarshan as its maker!!!

As a product, it will be an altogether a “Different/Hatke” experience for viewers of the Hindi movies, something which they might not even thought of earlier (seeing that is out of Q!) Its intelligent but not boring and creatively comments on the superstitions prevalent in our society.
It is a solid script, an interesting plot which has been conceptualized & picturised beautifully and narrated in a brilliant manner. It is thriller meeting “comic horror” (I think I got it right!!) Priyan’s best work in recent past & might be his first major success after Virasat in the non-comic Hindi segment. Pleasant surprise to say d least. Producers did their bit by putting money on something as risky as this and then publicizing to the hilt in penultimate days. Vidya Balan excels with a power backed role, her best performance along with Parineeta. Shiny was descent, a bit overboard. Paresh, Rajpal and rest supporting cast will please you to hilt. Amisha was also there! But again Akshay Kumar is proving that he just doesn’t bring in audience, he ensures he takes movie to another level after his entry. Beside comedy, he looks fine even in serious parts of plot and is the life of the movie even going by audience reactions. Pritam’s music was good, Thiru’s cinematography is of class.

However the film is not PERFECT. The screenplay could have been crispier. Akshay’s late entry will not go well with many as many people came in only to see him. Song which has almost become country’s anthem comes only in closing titles, might not find many buyers. Akki-Priyan combo is famous for laugh riots, so many ppl who will go to see a total comedy here, may come out disappointed!

Overall a well structured visual treat, which unites its various elements(Actors, Technical aspects and Different genres in same scipt) in a manner that the end product will appeal to masses as well as classes. If Akki could do it with Hey Baby at the Box office, then this one has to be a sureshot winner!!