5 Excellent

I had been waiting for months for this movie to come out since for the first time ever there was a movie theater in my city playing a Bollywood movie. On Friday, after the movie came out I saw that it was getting really low scores and got disappointed but still decided to go watch it.

Honestly, the movie ended up surprising me. I actually had a really fun time, and even though the story-line was predictable I would say it was wort watching.

Yes, of course it is the typical romantic comedy, but it also contains innovative and different elements to the ones we are used to. Ranveer and Vaani did a great job portraying their characters and their amazing chemistry is undeniable. Music was good, and the dances,... well I have to say that some of the dance scenes left me breathless. Of course, it is necessary to mention the settings. The city of Paris was just the right place to shoot this "carefree" movie, and director Aditya Chopra did a good job showing the city on its maximum splendor. The story-line, yet predictable, had some nice twists and many funny moments that made the movie enjoyable.

I'm not a movie critic but I do love Bollywood and romantic comedies, and if you are kind on this genre and looking forward to have a nice time, I don't see why not give it a try.