3 Good

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I appreciate the intention making behind this film but entertainment and intrigue value are less. Basically this film was not demanding such type of huge setup but due to star cast Director Mr. Kabeer Khan has to do it. There was just an idea in the name of story. Screenplay is very convenient but few scenes are undoubtly cute, realistic and fresh, like introduction scene of Kareena Kapoor. Dialogues by Kausar Munir, are OK. Film takes a cute start but that ended just 20 minutes, then it begins to stretch the scenes, which results slowdown of film. The baby girl is so endearing, cute and innocent that screenplay fails to convey that why any one will go up to the extent to go Pakistan just for reuniting her with family but her look convey and convince easily that any one can go. Credit goes to casting team. Flash back scenes bring smile on face. For showing main male protagonist innocent they made him stupid. Film has set in 2015 but he does not even know that going Pakistan is not a kid play, that means he never reads paper or watch TV, Which type of person he was? But he suggested good excuse in Dargah to misguide Police, this was his hidden expect, which was never even hinted before. It's hard to relate with him. Sometimes we feel pity for him and sometimes irritating too. This goes completely against Salman Khan image and personality. When makers found that film is slowing down, they suddenly made some Pakistani officer cruel otherwise they were like NGO people. Even being informed that an Indian spy is cut loose they try to make barricading with Police with stick then after some chasing they flashes gun too!? Second half is more slower than first half but pre climax takes a good start. Performance wise Salman Khan always suits more in action scenes rather than emotional but here he manages somehow to fit in emotional scenes too. Kareena Kapoor is in her comfort zone like bubbly girl. She is very good. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a God gifted actor. He can make you laugh, emotional in just a fraction of second. Hats off to him. The baby girl #HarshaliMalhotra is amazing. If she had not been there, the emotional quotient of film shouldn't remain same. Music by Pritam is good but few tracks slows down film pace.