Bachche Kachche Sachche Movie


Ganesh is an orphan rescued from a car accident by Guru Tripati, a railway gateman known as GT. They lived happily. Ganesh calls him Mama. Both receive great love and respect from the neighborhood, but due to past enmity, Police officer’s wife accuses GT of child labor. She demands...

GT is forced to admit Ganesh in a corporate school for bright future. Hence, he quits his job and migrates to city to avoid the possibility of being separated from the child he loves so dearly. In city school, teased and insulted for being a villager by classmates, Ganesh gets upset over the remarks on his mama as uneducated. He then countered his classmates’ parents as wrongly educated and depicts his class-mates as uncivilized children, which leads to arguments, in turn to challenges and finally a bet to observe their parents for a day.

After thorough observation of their parents, children get confused about the difference between preaching and practice. Many questions bother them and they start asking questions from their friends in other cities, spreading these questions like a virus from  classroom to classroom, school to school and so on to find an answer for ‘if lessons are not for practice then why learn? If reading is to develop rudeness they why read? If education leads to bad behavior, then why get educated?’

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