3.5 Very Good

Here is my short mini review on the film

AWARAPAN is perhaps one of the best film to have come out from the

Bhatt camp [Gangster still stands tall ] and Mohit Suris best effort so

far ..The film is not that engaging in the first thirty minutes .It

looks like a run of the mill crime saga ..But the drama gets exciting

with the introduction of Mrinali Sharma .Plus the flashback sequence

with Shreya Saran is IS SIMPLY outstanding .In fact her death continues to haunt you for the rest of the film.The interval point is simply breath taking .

.From there till the climax I was on the edge of the seat ..

Plus the music has a haunting effect ..Simply marvellous especially 'Tera Yakeen and To Phir'

..Performancesare no doubt the backbone here ..Emraan is terrific and that is

putting it up mildly .Shreya Saran was like an angel ..Mrina Sherma

did well .Ashotosh is terryfying ..Shaad from WL did well as well.

However the drawback is the movie might not appeal to the masses ..its a classy product .

overall 4/5