5 Excellent

Article 15nProgressive Cinema with Real & Bitter Ground Truth 4 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐nThis films takes on the issue of discrimination on basis of caste and gender that still exists and prevails in 21st century , the movie strongly transits with its narration focusing on a crime investigation and unfolds the bitter truth of the society, the film without being preachy throws light on these negative elements in a solid and real to life way, the dialogues are witty , the casting is just perfect , the screenplay is real to life and not at all exaggerated for effect , emotions are raw and real and finally the message this movie gives silently is welcoming and progressive. We definitely need to support movies like these to mint profits at the cash registers , this is not a usual flick its a face off to reality and a solid film all together that needs to be watched only in the cinemasnnTHINGS TO LOOK OUT FORnn>Screenplay is just real and true to reality , no exxagaration , no masala its just soo raw and realn>Performance by Ayushman Khurana is to its par , he is seen in a never like before reole and has done his best then follows the ensemble cast Sayani Gupta , Kumud Mishra , Nassar who have equally done a great job n>The plot of this movie is engaging and keeps you alive wanting to know what would happen next n>Dialogues are amazing , totally witty and sharp making it fun to watch the movien>Humour at parts makes the movie lively and keeps the audience alive n>Direction is super amazing and the message that the movie gives and focuses on is worth the watch nnEGATIVESnn>The Pace of the movie is a bit slow which could be a draw back for few people but since there is no extra masala in this film it was supposed to be that way . Not a Major flaw it dissolves overtime with the wonderful plot and narration taking over nnFINAL VERDICTnnWe definetly need more such movies in bollywood which are made with a responsibility , a thought and a message for the society , i highy recommend watching this only in the cinemas . This movie deserves a lot of love .