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Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare Movie Review

Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare Movie Rating

Harmesh Malhotra's AKHIYON SE GOLI MAARE falls in the genre of light entertainers.

Kiran (Raveena Tandon) is an educated and modern girl who is in love with Raj (Govinda), a business magnate's son. They like each other and are keen to get married. Kiran's father Bhangari (Kadar Khan) is a small-time crook and has a shop in Chor Bazaar, which buys and sells stolen goods. Bhangari wants his daughter to get married to a bigger gangster.

Kiran is surprised at Bhangari's choice, when he selects Shakti (Shakti Kapoor), who has a number of cases registered against him and spends most of his time in jail. An idea strikes Kiran. She tells Raj to pose as the biggest gangster in town and convince her father.

In order to win Kiran, Raj poses as a gangster and succeeds in convincing Bhangari to accept him as his prospective son-in-law. What follows next forms the crux of the film.

The basic premise is amusing, but the outcome is half as entertaining as Harmesh Malhotra-Govinda's previous hit DULHE RAJA. And that's because the maker and his team of writers have taken too many cinematic liberties to convey the story.

There's no denying that DULHE RAJA also had several illogical moments, but the gags and punches in AKHIYON SE GOLI MAARE seem so predictable that the impact is missing.

The narrative is interesting in the initial reels and gathers momentum when Kader Khan decides to get Raveena married to a gangster. But the pace drops soon after since the goings-on are anything but exciting.

The narrative picks up again when Govinda decides to train himself as a gangster to win Raveena's hand. The portions thereafter are thoroughly enjoyable and do manage to tickle your funny bone. The sequences between Govinda and Kader Khan and the ones involving Govinda's training are fantastic. Razzak Khan's track is interesting as well. But a handful of sequences aren't enough to uplift the film to dizzy heights.

The screenplay has several loopholes and that's why the impact is lost. Even the songs keep coming up at regular intervals and they don't contribute in elevating the goings-on. The second half is quite lengthy and how one wishes the editor would've used the scissors sharply. The climax is not as strong either.

Directorally, Harmesh Malhotra has handled a couple of sequences with gusto. A couple of scenes are thoroughly enjoyable as well. But the film relies too heavily on the often-seen gags and punches and the outcome is plain mediocre.

Music is not up to the mark. Only the title song can be singled out. Cinematography is average. Dialogues are well-penned at places.

Govinda is, like always, dependable. Carrying off the role with elan, he proves yet again that there's so much talent that needs to be tapped. However, he needs to experiment with new roles since he has been seen enacting the same stuff over the years. Raveena Tandon performs very well. Johny Lever is fantastic. Shakti Kapoor is just about okay. Kader Khan is competent once again.

On the whole, AKHIYON SE GOLI MAARE is an average fare all the way. However, its reasonable price may prove beneficial for its distributors.

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