4 Very Good

Aligarh: Don't you dare watch this movie if homosexuality makes you laugh or mocking like 'gay' makes you feel more macho..

Aligarh is a powerfully sensitive cinema, never ever dared before on the canvas of Bollywood.. Aligarh is like that hot lava cake which will melt you with it's incredible portrayal of a person who is a homosexual, yet an outcast, he is blessed with the notion of love, yet afraid of the society, who is declared an immoral, yet teaches us lessons of morality which no book can..

Manoj Bajpayee has delivered a scintillating performance of a lifetime, which I am sure very few actors can even dream of achieving.. He shivers, he cries, he shouts, he hides like a cat, he loves, he lives.. he inspires.

If India should send one movie to Oscars this year, it has to be Aligarh. 5/5

(Warning: This is a sensitive cinema