4 Very Good

Alright people! I'm finally back! This'll be my first review in quite a while since I was taking a break. Pritam seems to be doing the opposite as the man seems to never need breaks! He composes every other album that comes out nowadays! Let's see if he can impress! Ok so Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani kicks off with Tera Hone Laga Hoon...Well, I LOVE Atif so I was gonna like the song nevertheless, but the true surprise is the comebac of Alisha Chinoy! Good god this woman has the most beautiful voice in this world and her part in the song gives me goosebumps! 11/10 Btw the remix is also AMAZING! 10/10 ;].....Next up is Tu Jaane Na! Ok so Atif returns to the mic so once again i already like the song very much but him and Pritam prove the fact that they can create a hit thru classical arrangements and thats what makes this song fabulous! I'm really glad that Pritam hasn't given up on Atif since there so many critics of his in the business. Atif gives a soul-stirring rendition here! 10/10 The "Reprise" version rendered by Soham, Rana, etc is also good as Rana and Soham have proved their singing prowess in the past [Metro and Jannat] and prove it here once again thru nice performances 7/10 The final version is from Kailash Kher and this is the BEST version of the song! It's an unplugged version which gives extreme focus to the singing! Kailash is known for the tremendous depth in his voice and it illuminates in this track! SUPERBLY sung by a legend in the making! 11/10 [I was also wondering: Kailash thinks Atif can't sing for beans as he mentioned on several occasions in Indian Idol! So does him choosing to sing the same song as Atif on the same soundtrack mean something? I mean Kailash may be attempting to prove something here!? Anyway he outdid Atif slightly on this one ;] I still love them both!].....Prem Ki Naiya comes in now! Neeraj Shridar is another favorites of mine but this song is strictly meant to shine on the screen. It has whacky lyrics and wicked beats. I'm expecting some nice dance scenes choreographed on Ranbir and Katrina [it'll probably just be Ranbir lol] for this one. Neeraj does his job well tho; he injects a great amount of energy in his music and does it very well here but it's not something I would prefer to listen to in my car or my home :/ 7/10 The remix is the same but with more beats and faster rhythm 7/10.....Aa Jao Meri Tamanna is up. I've been a fan of Javed Ali for quite some time now and he sings exptionally well in this one. Good lyrics. Good composition. Good track. 8/10 The remix is ok too. 7/10.....The worst track of the lot is Oh By God. Om my god let's not even talk about it! 1/10.....The final song on the OST is Main Tera Dhadkan Teri. I barely heard this part in the song but oh well. KK is good as always, especially his energy in this one, Sunidhi does her thing as well. Unfortunately, it's an ok compostion tho. Thus 5/10.....So the bottom line is Pritam delivers one more time since he seems to connect a hit every time with Atif on the album! I hope these two keep making music forever! ;] I recommend Tera Hone Laga Hoon, the Remix, and Tu Jaane Na [Atif and Kailash's versions!] Go buy it guys!