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There are good expectations from the music of Airlift. Though the film is basically a thrilling emotional drama and is a plot based affair, something that doesn't quite necessitate good space for music, there are various other factors that make one believe that composer Amaal Malik and lyricist Kumaar (along with Ankit Tiwari chipping in as a guest) would have something interesting to offer. First and foremost, it is an Akshay Kumar starrer which sets the stage for good music. Moreover, music company T-Series is one of the producers of the film. Also, Nikhil Advani has time and again ensured wonderful music for his films.


It is a brilliant start no less for Airlift, what with Amaal Mallik, Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar coming together for the song 'Soch Na Sake'. Adapted from Hardy Sandhu's 'Soch', this one is beautiful as it gets with everything fitting in perfectly well, be it the composition, lyrics or the rendition. If Arijit holds fort right through the song, it is Tulsi who brings in the right sweetness to the flow of 'Soch Na Sake' which further adds on to its romantic appeal. A song for all seasons, it rightly finds another version which is just a solo by Arijit Singh and makes an impression all over again. Hear this once and you would play it on loop.

The mood shifts immediately after with a dance number coming next in the form of 'Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi'. A good mix of Arabic and Western music gives this Ankit Tiwari composed and singer number an edge which makes you sing it along after hearing it just a couple of times. While the hook of the song reminds one of chartbuster track 'Didi Didi' by Khaled that was released more than a couple of decades back, the song manages to maintain its own individuality in its four and a half minutes of playing time, especially the 'antara' portions that have a Lakshmikant-Pyaarelal influence to them. Arijit Singh's presence further adds on to the chartbuster appeal of the song and one wonders why a remix version of the same has not been included in the soundtrack.

The manner in which 'Mera Nachan Nu' begins, it lends an impression of a situational number to be coming in next. However, good credit to the musical team here that ensures repeat hearing even for this situational, courtesy the manner in which it has been orchestrated and sung. While Divya Kumar takes the lead, Amaal Mallik and Brijesh Shandilya contribute well to make this Punjabi track present the on-screen situation quite well. Yet another song that reminds one of Lakshmikant-Pyaarelal style of composition, this one is about hundreds of Indians who are celebrating the evacuation made possible by Akshay.

Amaal Mallik continues to make his presence felt as a singer too and along with K.K. he puts together 'Tu Bhoola Jise'. Though the core sound of the song carries a patriotic feel to it, the song as a whole has a different feel to it altogether, as it could well be the one sung for your beloved or the one who has helped you in the time of crisis. Expect this high voltage number make quite a few eyes go moist in theatres while it is played, especially at the high points that come in its playing duration of four and a half minutes.


The music of Airlift delivers more than what one expected from it. Since this isn't a quintessential romantic affair where one can expect melodious or dance numbers by the dozen, Airlift had a tricky task in hand to put together something substantial. In that perspective, the team goes an extra distance to keep this short and sweet soundtrack entertaining right through.


'Soch Na Sake', 'Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi', 'Mera Nachan Nu'

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Excellent work by composer nd singers songs soch,de di nd tu bhoola are my bst nd superb song...

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