2 Average

Action Replayy

Shabby, so not original, yet funny. Vipul Shah has ripped off 'Back to the future' in most ghastly way possible, but his starcast held their ground for most of the movie.
Story is simple enuf. Troubled marriage between parents (Akki n Ash) forces son (ARK) to start hating the cnstitution of marriage. His girlfrnds father is a scientist (How convenient :P :P) who has made a time machine. One day ARK is fed up n jumps into the machine to go set things right. Flashy colours! Atrocious costumes. We're back in the 70's....
Akki is a pansy loser, and Ash is a total bombshell. With gr8 difficulty the match is made well, Akki is made tougher, and back in real time everything is all well. Typical.