5 Excellent

AAshiqui 2- Simplistically Beautiful
Saw Aashiqui - 2 and just took time to recollect everything I saw and trust me, it’s worth every penny you spend, worth every bit. First had decided to read the reviews of Aashiqui - 2 both off and on net and then think of being there. My biggest mistake I suppose. These so called critiques just ruin or bias your personal thought process and perception. Do you really believe that someone else should decide for you if you need to spend some bucks on a movie? Guess not and it should be a “NO”. With some tongue twisting English words, some personalized analysis about a movie sitting on a comfy couch and the “stars” at the end; these should never come in our way in pampering ourselves with movies made out of so much painstaking labor. I would rather ask them, how many stars would “your” movie deserve if you could ever make one? The main problem with them, according to me could be, you know “my perception”, that appreciation may be tougher compared to criticism as the former is longer by 3 character than the latter (appreciation is 12 characters and criticism is 9). Guess this could be the only reason for not appreciating something made so “simplistically beautiful” like Aashiqui - 2. You may now think why you should believe me then? Well answer is only one. I am not a paid critique but a common man, so no influence.
Movie starts with the song Sun raha hai and believe me this will thrill with the power it oozes, so impactful that, the beats, vocals and Aditya Roy Kapoor would lure you into their own world. Rest you be there and help yourself. Some said he did not act well, expressionless, but after watching the movie I felt that they wanted “KkkkkkKiran….” kind of acting or were missing the “chulbulness” of Chulbul Pandey. RJ depicted a man, having a big fan following but already drowned in his own inner grief of self-abandonment and remorse, a book of pain whose even a single word is not known to anyone, like a heart in crowd yet in grim lonesome. I felt tint of Aamir Khan in him as he let his eyes emote that inner restlessness than his lips. “Smile and forge” was his character so decided not to over-expression any situation. Perfect I suppose and if he would have done that, people would have accused him for being melodramatic. So Aditya you were just excellent. And the high octane emotional scenes were just so spellbinding. Watch it guys….
Shraddha Kappor, tried not to describe her but can’t help. Esthetic, eternal, mesmeric and exceptionally simple and so breathtakingly beautiful that you would sit in awe all the time she is there in the frame. Performance! Well let’s not discuss on that as I suggest you go watch Aashiqui - 2 and explore (my indications are optimistically promising). You would love her and needless to say, wish to have someone like her. I already did. Before the movie ends you will be in love with her eventually, even without realizing it.
Story of Aashiqui – 2, well one of the most unprecedentedly simple, sophisticated, appealing and extremely pleasing. What else to add in my garland of applauds for this movie has made me clean bold already, no IPL here. I request you to go for this picturesque rendition of love and realize how beautiful would it be to get engulfed in arms of love, so soothing and comforting and very selfless. No more dialogues. DO WATCH IT…..