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EXPECTATIONS - Nagesh Kukunoor movies doesn't contain a superb music compositions but one or two tracks leave mark for a particular time. 'Aashayein' is nothing different from that. But a fine composed first featured track which is "Mera Jeena Hai Kya" breads some expectations. But Unfortunately the above mentioned Nagesh Kukunoor tradition stays unchanged also this time. Sadly, 'Aashayein' Doesn't creates much impression on the listeners without two or three tracks. Even having big, famous & talented names in it's album, it fails to be recommended strongly.


Some days back, after a long period, the historic, the sensational Neeraj Sridhar- Pritam Chakraborty made a comeback in the music industry maybe to create history again. It can't be said that if it makes history or not but this track which is named "MERA JEENA HAI KYA" will be the best pick for many listeners this season. Having the perfect composition by Pritam & not-something-new but sounds-good type lyrics, This Track will stay in playlists of may people throughout a couple of months. Used for special screening, Mera Jeena Hai Kya has a probability to take a special role indeed on what happens to the movie after release.

From the beginning, the rhythm of "DILKASH DILDAAR DUNIYA" doesn't sound familiar to the beaty, trendy & peppy tracks of today. After a long time, sound of saxophone has been used in a bollywood song which means that this one's much different from other trendy tracks of today. Like "Mera Jeena Hai Kya", this is also both romantic & energetic in genre but this one's a bit extra soulful. The second & last composed track by Pritam assisted by Kumaar in lyrics and Shaan & Tulsi Kumar in Vocals is a useful material for the film to prevent the other not-so-good tracks's created hazard, but unpredictable that how long can it run.However, with very authentic lyrics and the 90's type of composition, this one's a sure-listen.

Appeared before as a non-film track both composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal, 'RABBA' is totally same here. It picks up the mood but doesn't create a good impression not because it's decent but it sounds very odd in a bolly flick. Nothing special in it, the lyrics written by Shakeel Sohail doesn't seem effective to the track.

At Last, A free-spirited track with same type of lyrics in it, "AB MUJHKO JEENA" makes it's appearance in the album which is the one that can effect the album byt it's energetic nature. Reminds us of the song 'Aashayein' from another movie of Nagesh Kukunoor, Iqbal which one also was a energizing, soulful and influencing track like this one. These type of tracks doesn't become a chartbuster but feels great when listened, so this one's a sure shot recommended. This Zubeen Garg sung, Salim-Suleiman Composed and Mir Ali Hussein Lyricised track with live up to its name for a long span of time in the industry.

"SHUKRIYA ZINDAGI" is about thanking life and the kindness that life has shown to a protagonist. This one's a Shafqat Amanat Ali Solo Performance which may pick up slowly but may not be able to 'Shukriya' the industry if it gets good reactions. Slow pace and having many nice works by Shafqat in it may help this track to be listened by some classical lovers but has no chance to be a serious hit in the chartbusters. It also has a sad version which brings a far different atmosphere from the original one but as its very short, it will end up as long as you try to like it.

Have you listened "Zameen-O-Aasma" from 'Lamhaa'? Then you may feel the rhythm of "PAL MEIN MILA JAHAAN" to be approximately same. This Shreya Ghoshal(Also has a Shankar Mahadevan Version which is ditto same as this one) track is about the reaction after losing much happiness in life. It's sad feeling indicates that it's absolutely situational in its means and has no chance to be something different than that. If you think you are very emotional, then it's a must-listen for you but can't say about the others who take very hard decision to like a number.

Much Different from the recent tracks of Mohit Chauhan, "CHALA AAYA PYAAR" has nothing special in its composition but the lyrics are much good indeed. It neither sounds a happy note nor a sorrowful number.
With Tablas in side, this track's very pensive in it's mood and not so special item of the album.


Aashayein is a just about ok album with three tracks which will stay fresh for a particular time in the listeners's mind. As the substance of the movie is much different from the recent releases, the music partly manages to hold that different feeling but it's a tragedy when such big singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan and more like them backfire. Some tracks may be popular after the release, but till then success is much far away from this album.