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Aamdani Athanni Kharcha Rupaiya Movie Review

Aamdani Athanni Kharcha Rupaiya Movie Rating

Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd.'s AAMDANI ATTHANNI KHARCHA RUPAIYA, directed by K. Raghavendra Rao, tells the story of three men - Chandrachur Singh, Vinay Anand and Johny Lever - who are not only neighbours, but also work in the same garage. They don't mind borrowing money from anybody, even if happens to be the peon of the garage. For them, their expenses are always more than their income.

Their wives - Tabu, Isha Koppikar and Ketaki Dave, respectively - are typical housewives, who care for their families. But because of the wrong habits of their husbands, they find it difficult to meet the monthly bills, whether it is the house rent, grocery bills and the school fees of their children.
Unable to run the show with a measly amount, the three women decide that if their husbands don't give the entire month's salary in their hands, they will not take the responsibility to run the house.

Meanwhile, Govinda comes to live in the neighbourhood with his wife Juhi Chawla. Govinda has been a goon in his hometown, but his wife was responsible in transforming him.

When Juhi learns of Tabu, Isha and Ketaki's problems, she advises them to take up a job, like her. But when the three women discuss the issue with their husbands, the men reprimand them saying that they will not tolerate their wives going out to work. In their view, a woman is meant to serve her husband, raise the children and do the household chores.

But the three men find themselves out of work when they fight with the garage owner. Ultimately, the wives are forced to go out to work. Angry at this development, the husbands show the door to their wives.

That's when Govinda and Juhi step in. What happens next?

The film, inspired by the Telugu hit KSHEMANGA VELLI LAMBHANGA RAANDI, shows the goings-on in a middle class family in today's world. The makers have tried to deal with the problems faced by them, through comedy.

There seems to be an overdose of comedy, which is why emotional moments pale in comparison. However, the main flaw is that when the protagonist in the film faces problems due to unwanted expenses, the audience feels like laughing at him, instead of sympathising with him.

On the other hand, the women, who seem to be suffering due to the mounting expenses of their husbands, don't make any effort to make their husbands identify their mistakes. The end of the film is also abrupt. The sudden change of heart of the three males is also indigestible.

Another flaw is the music. You forget the songs the moment the film ends. Even their placement is improper. The film is also lengthy, although the comic punches provide the much needed relief. But for how long? After a point of time, you start feeling restless.

Among the highlights of the film are the scenes between Johny Lever and his wife Ketaki Dave. Dialogues (Anwar Khan) are well penned and clapworthy at places. Cinematography is alright.

Performance-wise, Govinda carries off the role with remarkable ease. How one wishes his role was lengthier! Juhi Chawla is likeable as well. Chandrachur Singh looks overweight and looks uncomfortable in light scenes. Tabu is okay. Vinay Anand tries to imitate Govinda and falters. Isha Koppikar is all right.

The combination of Johny Lever and Ketaki Dave is something to watch out for. Undoubtedly, Johny Lever is the best when it comes to making you laugh. Ketaki Dave is extra-ordinary in a role that suits her to the T and there's no doubt that her performance will be loved by one and all. Sayaji Shinde, Tiku Talsania and Razzak Khan lend adequate support.

On the whole, AAMDANI ATTHANNI KHARCHA RUPAIYA is an ordinary fare with average prospects. However, its not-too-encouraging opening will prove a deterrent. Since comedies are appreciated in Mumbai mainly, its business here with be the best.

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