1 Poor

Aa Dekhen Zara

The film was very interesting for me. I liked the story, it's not as bad as everyone seems to exaggerate! I think the biggest flop in the film was Neil Nitin Mukesh! Unfortunately Neil was a blank paper in the story, he didn't show any kind of expressions what so ever, his character happens to just run through the story without anything special to him and he's just too white for Hindi films! He didn't stand a chance performing next to Bipasha... actually I wouldn't call it performance; he just happens to show up this film (probably by accident). I don't know how did he become famous after Johnny Gaddaar! Now I'm glad that I didn't see Johnny Gaddaar. I only whent to watch this film because I'm a big fan of Bipasha, and she was as great as ever. But Neil ruined it for me, he looked like a French guy while shooting the hit song Gazab! Neither his look nor his dancing matched the theme of the song! He has a blurry face that seems completely like he was lost in his own world! I'm sorry Neil but you have to work harder.