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“No One Killed Jessica is a film about you, me and us” – Vidya Balan

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Vidya Balan

She is a powerhouse of talent who stormed onto the Bollywood scene with Parineeta. She later followed it up with some brilliant performances in films such as Lage Raho Munnabhai, Guru, Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Paa and Ishqiya. She is none other than Vidya Balan.

Vidya was recently live on Bollywood Hungama's video chat where she spoke about her latest film No One Killed Jessica. For all those who missed this fun-filled interaction, here are the excerpts:

Vidya Balan : Hiii folks

gaurav : hi hw r u

Vidya Balan : hi gaurav, very very good

Jahanzeb : U have got sweet smile

Vidya Balan : shukriya

priya64 : Hieee Vidya! Looking forward to seeing NOKJ! Read so many amazing reviews!

Vidya Balan : thank you priya, so dont wait just go

priya64 : Whats ur favourite song of the movie

Vidya Balan : priya...aitbaar and dilli

Jahanzeb : this is Jahanzeb ur biggest fan ever from Pakistan.

Vidya Balan : salaam valequm jahanzeb, kya haal hai aapke?

priya64 : Why did u agree to take up on this movie?

Vidya Balan : priya...this was 2 years ago and I liked the script.

fayyaz : salam vidya i am fayyaz from Pakistan

Vidya Balan : valequm assalam fayyaz

raghu : Just saw the movie and it was fantastic

Vidya Balan : thank you so much raghu

Vidya Balan

Sanaya13 : What do u think of Akshaye Khanna as actor? Would u love to work with him?? If yes, when???!!!!

Vidya Balan : Sanaya...I think he is cool. If I get a good script with Akshaye , of course

rahul258595 : what was the experience during the movie?

Vidya Balan : rahul...very different and satisfying

dipsy : why u look so cute.. everytime ??

Vidya Balan : dipsy...thank you very much.

Taani : hey =) how was it working with rani?

Vidya Balan : Taani...fantastic. she is my fav actress among my immediate seniors.

Vidya Balan : Taani...fantastic. Rani is my fav actress among my immediate seniors.

raj from england : Vidya, I think Parineeta is still your best performance? which one do you think?

Vidya Balan : raj...thank you but I think there are a few others that I like to add.

BIAji : Vidya you looks so beautiful on the Chat Window

Vidya Balan : thank you Biaji

fayyaz : your performance in Ishqiya is outstanding i love it

Vidya Balan : badmaash… thank you

rahul258595 : do u want to do any movie with akshay kumar?

Vidya Balan : plans at the moment but again would looooove to.

Gauri : what is the title of ur next with Sujoy?

Vidya Balan : Gauri...Kahani

Jahanzeb : Wish u great success of ur upcoming movie No one killed jesicca! hows ur friendship with rani?

Vidya Balan : Jahanzeb...thank you...I think we had a very good working equation and we get along well

neha : do u and rani share a kiss in the film?

Vidya Balan : nooooooo way neha

Sanaya13 : Do u think that AkshayeKhanna is underrated actor? Hav u seen him in TeesMaarKhan? How was his performance?

Vidya Balan : no i havent seen TMK but I do think he is underrated

cookie : hi vidya what is ur dream role?

Vidya Balan : cookie...difficult to say. I hope the roles that I do become dream roles for others hee hee...

Bhargavi : vidya do real stories influence a lot?

Vidya Balan : what way?

priya64 : Any one actor or actress u wud love to work with???? dat u havent yet

Vidya Balan : priya...Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman

imkhan : Are u going to work with one of the 3 khans in future?

Vidya Balan : inshallah

priya64 : Whats ur fav type of cuisine?

Vidya Balan : Indian and Thai and sometimes Italian

Vidya Balan : fav cuisine- Indian and Thai and sometimes Italian

siyaa : what is the film Kahani about?

Vidya Balan : siyaa...Kahani is about a pregnant woman who comes down from London to Kolkata in search of her missing husband.

xxAUROxx : watched NOKJ today... Loved it!!! Thanks for giving such a great movie.

Vidya Balan : thank you auro

anniee : if u have to rate rani as an actress, a co-star and a friend, what points for each?

Vidya Balan : anniee...oh my god! Rani as an actor and as a co-star is Ace

stina : how was working with actors like Big B,Sanjay Dutt,Akshay Kumar,Riteish Deshmukh n Fardeen?

Vidya Balan : stina...working with Big B is humbling, Sanjay Dutt will always remain my favvvvvorite person in the industry, working with Akshay, Riteish and Fardeen is a mad-house it.

Vidya Balan : stina...working with Big B is humbling, Sanjay Dutt will always remain my favvvvvorite person in the industry, working with Akshay, Riteish and Fardeen is a mad-house it.

khanz : vidya congrats on your best actress award hello to ur mom / dad also

Vidya Balan : thank you khanz...will do

Nicky : one movie your dying to watch?

Vidya Balan : Nicky...Band Baaja Baaraat

AKASSH : Hi Vidya I think you carry the legacy of Smita Patil and Tabu

Vidya Balan : Akashh...thats a huge compliment. Thank you.

Vidya Balan

raj from england : Vidya - any plans on coming to England?

Vidya Balan : Raj...ahhh...would love to at a less colder time

india : who has been ur favourite co-star till date?

rahul258595 : wat do u think about the director of NOKJ?

AKASSH : Hi vidya I heard you strongly believe in Astrology?

Vidya Balan : akashh...not at all

rahul258595: How is Rajkumar Gupta as a director?

Vidya Balan : rahul...He is a sutli bomb, just so much hunger to tell a story, this is the only time I hope he remains hungry all his life.

yudish : hi,vidya will U come to shoot or a tour in mauritius?

Vidya Balan : yudish...if i get a chance to id love to

ssking : how was your experience working with saif & any other movies planed with him.

Vidya Balan : ssking...I think Saif is one of the most understated actors we have. Id love to work with him again

Vidya Balan : ssking...I think Saif is one of the most understated actors we have. Id love to work with him again

sillijo : Your fave Holiday-Destination????

Vidya Balan : sillijo...New York

anjaanaanjaani : mam which is ur fav movie of 2010?

Vidya Balan : Besides Ishqiya, Udaan and I havent seen Band Baaja Baaraat

sillijo : What Perfume are you using????

Vidya Balan : sillijo, Issey Miyake forever

maniana : do u like deglam characters like sabrina in nokj or priya in kismat ko ?

Vidya Balan : maniana...i like both

I.LOVE.KSG : Any similarity between u and Sabrina?

Vidya Balan : we are both fighters.

FHNaseer : r u doing another film with bachchan family just like paa,

Vidya Balan : FHNaseer...dont knw yet...inshallah

imkhan : Vidya i hv heard that u hv some differences with Arshad warsi? r these rumors true?

Vidya Balan : differences about what????never any issues with arshad

I.LOVE.KSG : What is the USP of NOKJ?

Vidya Balan : that its a film about you, me and us

BIAji : Vidya you have a Twitter Account ?

Vidya Balan : nooooo Biaji

Vidya Balan

BIAji : What is your inspiration Vidya ? Love you

Vidya Balan : inspiration is the Sun

sillijo : What was the most beautiful thing a Fan has done for you?

Vidya Balan : silijo...gifted me beautiful Jhumkas… and anything that any fan does is special, someone just got me chocolates :

anjaanaanjaani : mam do u like priyanka chopra ... how u feel about her as a actor

Vidya Balan : I do like Priyanka as an actor and I also like Anushka and Sonakshi though I havent seen Dabangg

Vidya Balan : I do like Priyanka as an actor and I also like Anushka and Sonakshi though I havent seen Dabangg

FHNaseer : one movie in which u wished you could have acted?

Vidya Balan : Sholay

maniana : would u love to go to France ?

Vidya Balan : maniana...would loooooooooooooooooooooooove to

priya64 : if not an actress what you u have become instead?

Vidya Balan : priya...if not an actress, I wouldnt be

Veera : have u a fav. scene in NOKJ ? which is it ?

Vidya Balan : veera...the scene where I laugh in court.

Who naid : who is most Naughty and funny Co star u have worked with?

Vidya Balan : Abhishek Bachchan

AKASSH : How many times have u visited Madurai?

Vidya Balan : Akashh...once as a kid...the Meenakshi temple.

Milind_Desai_1979 : Hi, Do you consciously do issue based films ??

Vidya Balan : Milind...nooo not at all, even Jessica is not an issue based film.

Atiq Nathani : I just love watching ur movies

Vidya Balan : Atiq...thank you...i love u for that

meld18 : who is better Beautiful kareena or Rani?

Vidya Balan : each in their own way meld

Alfred : When are you going to get married?

Vidya Balan : i need a man for that

SID_AGARWAL : so, after 3 different roles in paa, ishqiya and now NOKJ...hw do u feel as an actor?

Vidya Balan : Sid...fulfilled and hungrier

Aliya : Any health tips for the new year?

Vidya Balan : Aliya...its sometimes important to just sit back and do nothing

Milind_Desai_1979 : Do you know, you should seriously consider film direction ?

Vidya Balan : Milind...why do u think so????

Vidya Balan

Robbie : Vidya mam,your hair looks really nice

Vidya Balan : thank you Robbie

Umar Waqass : Vidya g please tell me who is ur fav hero ?

Vidya Balan : Umar....Shah Rukh Khan

BIAji : Would you love it to do again a Movie with Shahid Kapoor ? I love you both

Vidya Balan : thank you Biaji...if i get a good script, of course

gautham : hi vidya...whats ur role in urumi?

Vidya Balan : gautham...its just a special appearance, I play an Oracle

MelWF : Hi Vidya!What was your WOW! Moment? I mean the best thing that happened into your life?

Vidya Balan : MelWF...when after the Premiere of Parineeta, i stepped on stage and was introduced to the world and my world had changed.

Vidya Balan : MelWF...when after the Premiere of Parineeta, i stepped on stage and was introduced to the world and my world had changed.

ssking : have you been to konkan ratnagiri. Any plans in future to visit.?

Vidya Balan : not yet yaar but of course would love

Mukesh Jain : Vidya what is yr new year resolution?

Vidya Balan : Mukesh Jain...I dont knw about mine but I can tell you yours....that you are gonna go watch Jessica in the theatre today with 100 others....

gautham : would u do more south films if its a good script?

Vidya Balan : gautham...of course

arfaz : any plan visiting penang, malaysia?

Vidya Balan : arfaz...I have as a matter of fact for Paa

gautham : who is ur fav malayalam actor?

Vidya Balan : gautham...Mohanlal

Arun Varma : Who is your closest friend in bollywood???

Vidya Balan : closest friends are not really from the industry.

nishanth : any movie with ajay devgan after halla bol.. both of u looked good as on screen couple

Vidya Balan : nishanth...hey thanks...inshallah soon

smarty : im frm pakistan plzzz wave for me my frendz here!!!

Vidya Balan : there u go smarty

Umar Waqass : Vidya i read it from newspaper that u are doing a Pakistani Film?

Vidya Balan : thats news to me Umar

Vidya Balan

suraj_kg : Vidya how was the exprience working in the malayalam film Urumi! We are waiting eagerly to c ur song

Vidya Balan : suraj...It was fabulous working with Santosh and Prithviraj and Prabhu. I hope it turns out well.

priya64 : ur fav actors from hollywood?

Vidya Balan : Meryll Streep, Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet and the list goes on and on

Robbie : Mam,i hear u wear this diamond ring gifted by one of ur fans. Would u accept one if i send earings

Vidya Balan : Robbie....thanks so much. I just need ur love and best wishes always.

Vidya Balan : Thank you for writing in and pls watch NOKJ and all my other films. Happy New Year, Lots of Love and a Big Jaadoo Ki Jhappi...God Bless...Vidya

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