3 Good

Yuvvraaj had a lot of expectations attatched to it...i would say i expected a better package.On hearing the likes of AR Rahman, Gulzar, Shiamak Davar, Anil Kapoor, Salmaan-Katrina and Subhash Ghai coming together, the movie was OK.
Alright, the good parts first-The music is AWSOME! Rahman leaves his mark while Gulzarji puts soul into the songs with beautiful lyrics. Also the sets and scenery shown are mesmerising.
The bad point-First half just drags on at a very slow pace.

Te story is good though it wasnt held up by the screenplay that well. Deven Yuvvraaj(Salman) is a chorus singer in love with a star cellist Anushka(Katrina). Her father Dr. PK Banton(Boman Irani) hates him and is firmly against their marriage, and wants Anushka married to his family friends son from south Africa.Salman is a loner, as his father banished him from his house 12 yrs ago and though Yogendra Yuvvraaj Singh is a multi-billionaire in London, his son Deven is struggling in Austria. Deven learns of his fathers death and decides to go to London to get his share of the property. He also signs a letter with Banton saying that if he fails to become a billionaire within 40 days Banton is free to get Anushka married to anyone, but if he succeeds then he shall be married to her.
The story takes a twist when Mirza uncle(Mithunda) an old frnd and attorney of Late Yogendra Yuvvraaj reveals a will which gives the 100% property to Gyanesh Yuvvraaj Singh(Anil Kapoor), the eldest son who is mentaly affected and is a child at heart. Deven and Danny(Zayed) the youngest bro decide to get hold of the property and split it. Their attempts to intimidate Gyanesh fail and so Deven takes the route of the caring broher and wins Gyanesh's confidence.
After a slow first half, the second half picks up pace. Danny who is used to living life as a prince is now in heavy debt. This drives him into conciousness and he forms a trio with Gyanesh and Deven of genuine love.The story continues as Gyanesh is brought to Austria and his musical talent is recognised bu Anushka. Twist of fates hits them again and the last 30 minutes takes the movie to a high point where Salman delivers a brilliant performance.
The ending however i felt was abrupt and full of loose ends. The last scene shows Mithunda speaking to himself saying that the three yuvvraaj brothers now value each other more than wealth....thats it, no mention abt Anushka, who she gets married to, what happens to the relatives who were also greedily after the money and Gyanesh, nothing!