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There isn't much known about the film Yeh Khula Aasmaan expect for the fact that it is about a boy who is facing challenges in his life during his growing up years. Since the film has an offbeat theme, one expects the same from the music as well. The film marks the comeback of composer duo of Anand-Milind but one does wonder what's the kind of soundtrack they would have in the offing here. Ravi Chopra is the lyricist.


The way 'Har Ghadi' begins, one is instantly reminded of 'Jab Koyi Baat Bigad Jaaye' [Jurm] which itself was an inspiration from a Western song. Nevertheless, despite the similarities here, 'Har Ghadi' by Kunal Ganjawalla does stay with you after it has been heard first. A sad song about the protagonist who is wondering about things going wrong in his life, it is a rather uncharacteristic beginning to the album.

After Kunal, it is the turn of Gayatri Ganjawalla to come behind the mike, this time for 'Tum Mile'. Lyrics here are quite ordinary though with routine words spun to make a romantic outing that has Soham Chakraborty joining Gayatri behind the mike. The tune by itself isn't any exciting either and seems like a pale shadow of the wonderful work that Anand-Milind had come up with during the 90s. Moreover, even the arrangements are way too ordinary in the name of being simple.

Suresh Wadekar and Swapnil Bandodkar come together for 'Aari Aari', a lullaby. Sounding nothing better than a 'sugam sangeet' outing that was left way back in the 80s, this one further adds on to the dull mood of the album and actually succeeds in putting a listener to sleep.

Raghubir Yadav tries to perk up the proceedings with 'Ur Fur Kar' but the tune is hardly the kind that would make the song cover the kind of distance that his 'Mehngai Dayain' (Peepli [Live] ) had managed. This one too has a rustic flavour to it where Raghubir and Ravi Chopra attempt to draw parallels between life and a kite. However the end result is hardly the kind that would make the song fly high. A much more contemporary version of the same song appears as 'Zindagi Bhi Patang Hai' but beyond adding to the situational appeal of the narrative, this Amey Date sung track hardly leaves an impression.


Yeh Khula Aasmaan promises to tell a noble cause and the music also never loses sight of the message if wants to convey. However the compositions are hardly the kind that leave even a momentary impression, leave aside a long lasting one.


Har Ghadi

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