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Yeh Khula Aasmaan Movie Review

Yeh Khula Aasmaan Movie Rating

With the surfacing of quality logical cinema, the film industry is no longer about mainstream masala movies. YEH KHULA AASMAAN is yet another film that intends to stir the soul with a heartwarming tale.

YEH KHULA AASMAAN deals with imperative matters of our life, besides bringing back the spirit of kite flying, a great Indian tradition since many generations. The film also attempts to tell the viewer that there are no failures, only setbacks, and one needs to move forward. The message, told in the most subtle manner, does come across effectively in the closing stages.

YEH KHULA AASMAAN revolves around Avinash [Raj Tandon], a youngster going through an extremely challenging phase of life due to his academic failures. He feels an immense vacuum which, unfortunately, his busy parents are unable to fill. In desperation, he visits his grandfather [Raghuveer Yadav] after several years. The grandfather uses the 'kite' to subtly impart the lessons of life and prepares Avinash to face life. Under his company, Avinash discovers many unexplored yet invaluable facets of life.

YEH KHULA AASMAAN mirrors the pressures the youth faces today [peer, parental and academic pressures]. Director Gitanjali Sinha deserves accolades for thinking out of the box, for choosing a theme you can relate to, but the writing is erratic at times, especially in its second hour. Nonetheless, Gitanjali has handled the delicate moments between the grandfather and the kid well. Besides, the story of peer pressure to score in academics, the conflicting views between the new and old generations, the predicaments and bridging of the generation gap... the film seems like a chapter from our lives. The conclusion to the story -- the kite flying competition -- is appropriate, though, I wish to add, the feeling of euphoria is missing.

The film has been shot at some picturesque locales and the location and setting adjoin value to its insightful theme. As for the songs, the title track is soulfully rendered.

Raghuveer Yadav enacts the role of a senior citizen most efficiently. Yashpal Sharma does well, but his conversation in English is embarrassing. Raj Tandon and Anya Anand are natural. The supporting cast, all newcomers, is adequate.

On the whole, YEH KHULA AASMAAN isn't perfect, but likeable nonetheless. A simple story that strikes a chord!

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