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Yeh Dooriyan Movie Review

Yeh Dooriyan Movie Rating

There's an interesting dialogue in YEH DOORIYAN that mirrors the mindset of a number of people. In one of the crucial moments of the story, Deepshikha tells her estranged boyfriend, Kaishav, that the society won't object if a woman marries a man twice her age, who also has kids from his previous marriage. But it would raise eyebrows if a man marries a woman twice his age. Well, that sets you thinking!

A divorcee with two kids. Is life tough? For a single mother, who wears the pants and calls the shots, plus manages home and kids, it's a challenge for sure. So what happens when she ends up falling in love with a much younger guy? How does the society react to a situation like that? That, in a nutshell, is the gist of YEH DOORIYAN.

YEH DOORIYAN may not be that perfect film that talks of life after divorce, but you can't deny that Deepshikha makes an effort to portray the reality with a lot of honesty. Though it's a first-time effort, the writing and even the handling of a few scenes does spring a pleasant surprise.

A woman in her 30s, Simmi [Deepshikha Nagpal] is strong, beautiful and a famous chorographer. A divorcee, she lives by herself with her two kids. Her friends and also her parents want her to settle down again.

Simmi meets a good-looking model Raj [Kaishav Arora], who joins her dance academy. Raj loves the kids and vice-versa. Gradually, Simmi too falls in love with him. But a section of the society doesn't like the idea of watching a bachelor involved with a divorcee with two kids and create obstacles in their story. Meanwhile, Simmi's ex husband [Inder Kumar] wants her back in his life.

Beginning a new relationship, after divorce, is not easy. You either become negative or you pick up pieces of your life and start afresh. Deepshikha shows exactly that in YEH DOORIYAN. This may be Deepshikha's debut film as a director, but she has handled a number of sequences realistically. For instance, the scene at the interval point, when the mother [Kunika] lands up and creates chaos in their lives, is very well executed. Also, the lengthy confrontation between Deepshikha and her estranged husband and even the climax are interesting. But there are rough edges too. Kaishav's reasons to stay away from Deepshikha aren't convincing. Similarly, his apology in the end doesn't cut ice either.

The film has a couple of songs, but the best one is reserved for the end credits. Cinematography is strictly okay.

Deepshikha enacts her part with utmost conviction. In fact, she has handled a number of tough sequences without going overboard. Kaishav has screen presence, but needs to work hard on dramatic sequences. Ayub Khan appears in a cameo. Inder Kumar does well. Achint Kaur is wasted. Ditto for Rajesh Khera. Chitrashi Rawat and Delnaaz Paul don't really get much to do. Kunika is superb in a small, but significant role.

On the whole, YEH DOORIYAN is a decent attempt.

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