3 Good

Woh Lamhe

WOH LAMHE, directed by Mohit Suri, does meet the expectations, but in parts. You do feel something is amiss in the film.

It narrates a story that is quite novel .In fact the very first scene where Kangana attempts a suicide gives a clear indication it is not one of those routine love stories Bollywood is usually associated with .The drama goes into a new level when it moves into the flashback zone.

The first half succeeds in arresting audience attention ,has a well penned and well executed sequences that are bound to be an instant hit with viewers.

-The arguement that takes place between Shiney-Kangana at the hotel .
-The last day of the film shooting and Kangana's emotional outburst.And later when it becomes a huge hit.
-The interval point when Kangana is taken to the hospital.
-The sequence where unexisting Masumeh chases Kangana
-The birthday sequence when Kanga attacks Shiney with a knife.
-THe scene in the hospital where Kangana takes her last breath.

-The 'Samunder ke Ghar' scene in the final.

But the climax of the film looks like a hurried job. A more convincing conclusion to the story could've been thought of, and also director did not bother to ExplaIN WHERE was Kangana for those 3 odd years.And that is what dilutes the impact by a large degree.

Director Mohit Suri is in comfort zone while handling dramatic scenes. The scene in the Goa holds tremendous emotional appeal.Even the sequence when Kangana realises something is wrong with her and requests Shiney to admit her in the mental Hospital is powerful .

Musically ,Pritam comes up with a winning score yet again. The songs have a mesmerising effect. To single out, 'Bin tere and Kyon AAJ KAL' are the pick of the lot.

Kangana dominates the show and packs in a power-packed performance.After GANGSTER, she scales dizzier heights with this splendid performance.

Shiney excels in a role and carry it off convincingly.

All up WOH LAMHE is good movie not great but still worth a watch for the dynamic performance Of Kangana.