3 Good

Wake Up Sid

A satisfying movie got arrived finally. Though it's minus of d routine bollywood masala, it still succeeds in gripping the audience for 130 mins. Once in a while you come across a movie which touches your heart, rekindles old memories, and each one will some where say, yeah it happened to me, n tender one?s heart melts. This might remind you of Dil Chahta Hai. Sid is a aimless n carefree college going guy who gets up late, bunks class, spends lakhs of dads money thro credit cards, parties late night with his set of friends, plays x box, clicks photos, fancies suave cars and has lost emotional connection with parents. Feeling de JA vu? Many will! Enter Aish, a total opposite of Sid, whom he befriends and helps her in setting her home. Things take an interesting turn when he comes in face of reality as he tries to transform himself and faces varied dynamics of relationships. Kudos to Ayan Mukherji, one can?t say it is his first film, the deft handling of sequences, the maturity he brings to each role needs appreciation. The way the tenderness of relationships has been brought out is excellent. Scenes between Sid and supriya pathak, Sid and anupam kher, Sid and rishi, Sid and laxmi, are heart warming. What distinguishes it from other movies is even the character which has the least role is well defined and well executed. Romance between the lead pair oozes freshness and is treated sensitively. The music of the movie is in tune with concept. The trio of S-E-L brings out an album which may not be perfect but has its elements. The title song, iktara and kya karoon linger around even after leaving the hall. It's good to see karan johar coming out of his way and making a film with a message. Ranbir Kapoor is excellent; he shows his caliber as an actor once again and gives finesse to his performance. He plays the confused cool dude to the T. Konkana as expected of her delivers a neat performance. Both supriya pathak and anupam kher are outstanding and give a mature performance. Vir das and shikha as Sid's friends show promise. Rahul khanna and kashmira shah leave a mark in their guest appearances. Kainaz is beautiful. On d flip side it is a touch lengthy and cos of the urbane look might appeal only for the multiplex audience. So watch it with your friends and enjoy.