5 Excellent


Vivah is a film which has really touched my heart. It can be said to a film which stays true to India in all respects. Its great depictions of India's spiritual values and the way marriage itself is shown are extremely beautiful. I have adored the couple that Shahid and Amrita make in Vivah as well as the way Soorajji has managed to weave the incredible chemistry that unfolds between the two unconditional
lovers. Music is also very suitable to the theme of the film and the original Ravindra Jain style without forgetting the mellifluous voice of Shreya Ghoshal makes it all the more relishable.
Songs "Do Anjaane Ajnabhi", "Mujhe Haq Hai", "Milan" and " Hamari Shaadi Mein" are all very very good. Their tunes are very melodious
and romantic. I also loved loved loved the emphasis Soorajji places on the worship of RadhaKrishna, an inherent part of India’s spiritual practices. It is so enlivening and blissful.
Let's hope such movies will reverse the pernicious trend Bollywood is adopting by making movies full of violence, heartless scenes and
supposed depictions of "modern" values which are nothing but vomit. I am very glad that most of the reviews I read about this film are appreciative and even extolling, since it shows one thing: that we don’t need to borrow ideas or cultures from Hollywood to make worldwide successful movies. A movie of the caliber of Vivah is always loved by every sane person. The huge success of the film shows how people's hearts can be touched by pure loving exchanges and rasas, whatever is the trend.
Finally, I must say, Vivah has made me believe in arranged marriages!!! It makes you want to get married!!! Since I am from Mauritius but my ancestors from India, I always look to such films as Vivah to find my roots. And I am always proud to have Indian ancestry since the glory of India is unimaginable. Having already watched the movie thrice, I am looking forward to seeing it time and again. We're buying a big TV just to be able to see such films as Vivah again and again at home among family members!!!
Love u Soorajji, whole Vivah Team and Rajshri!!! Keep it up!!!
Hats off to Rajshri & entire team of Vivah!!!!
Radhe Radhe!!!
Nithin Prakash