5 Excellent

Videsh – Heaven on Earth

Actually I intend to write a review of Taran's review. Taran only writes good reviews for movies Bollywood Hungama is a media partner of or the movies that he believes will be a hit at the box office, or at times when he believes a movie is so controversial that it ought to have a good rating. Point being, his reviews never reveal as to why the movie itself is deserving a particular rating it is simply his blimd assumptions and nothing more. In this particular review, as I started reading it Taran was revealing the entire plot of the film. Perhaps Taran needs to take a few review-writing classes where he could discuss somewhat sophisticated movie-making issues allowing him to shift his focus from the plot itself. DO NOT REVEAL THE PLOT Taran. DO NOT REVEAL THE PLOT. Even a juvenile reviewer like me knows that. You are then worse off than an amateur. Taran's reviews are horribly biased and unproductive. He probably has deals with actors and movie houses and rates the movies accordingly. I get no sense of unbiased, fair reviewing from Taran. As always he footnotes his reviews with how the movie will do at the box office. Why should it matter how it will do at the box office? Is that what the review is for? Or is it a ploy to suggest to people whether they should go or not go? Neither is what the review supposed to do. So Taran please quit your BS and go find another job for you certainly are doing no justice to your role.