0.5 Poor

Umrao Jaan

It was 3 hours of Weeping and Crying of this woman who is a Courtesan But she only slept with one man and raped by another.
How could she be a Courtesan? They showed her a True Pakezah Woman and that she is in love with one man; the most absurb thing ever seen.
in old, Rekha had many affairs and she boldy admitted all.
But Ash, shown as a crying Big Eye Doll, who even forgave her Rapist !!
Very boring songs except Salaam. and what was with that Blue CAP?
Shabana Azmi was the only person, i admired throughout the movie.
Ashwariya simply ruined Umraojaan image and killed the Classic with bare hands.
She couldnt even pulled off Courtesan image.
JP Dutta's direction was extremely disappointing.
Why the make remakes if they cant do justice to them? As Ashwariya had no HIT movie since Devdas, this movie should end her career as an actress, she scored zero.