4 Very Good

Umrao Jaan

Finally saw the movie and it was one emotionally rich experience.No doubt it has been a while since JP Dutta delivered a film of substance and it has been worth the wait!

There are many sequences which leaves the viewer with a lump in their throat and tears in their eyes. These include

*The scene where Amiran is kiddnaped
* The scene where Aishwarya and Himani both are lieing in bed and she tries to escape from her
*The salaam song
*When Aishwarya visits Guj along with Sunil shetty
*Also Aishwaryas scene in the pre-climax where she goes to visit her house is simply outstanding.
*Climax with Vishwajeet pradagan lying on the ground is a master stroke

Aishwarya Rai delivers one of her career best performance. She takes this complex character and plays it with utmost sincerity and honesty. Her body language, dialogues, delivery and diction is just amazing. The scene where she breaks down in the climax leaves the viewer speechless .

Abhishek is just about okay .Rest fill the bill

Musically the film is excellent although one feels that there are too many songs at times which test the patience of viewers. the theme as also the slow pacing wouldn't really excite every strata of the movie-going audience.

Technically the film is fantastic as expected from JP dutta.The two aspects of the film that act like characters of their own and heighten the film in every scene is the camerawork which adds a nostalgic ambience to the film which is FLAWLESS.

All up Umrao Jaan is a terribly underrated film. A LOW opening at the boxoffice and average reviews have kept audiences away but the film is worth a dekkho. A brilliant movie which tugs at the viewers hearts and suceeds for the most.