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Toh Baat Pakki

As soon as we saw Tabu in the promoS expectations were high.But unfortunately Director Kedarh Shinde's Toh baat pakki is nothing but Lacklustre as it falls flat on its face and fails to keep u intrested.The idea was to create a simple and identifiable film with a touch of humour of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's era.But what he failed to realise was that those films were backed by A plot and witty dialogues and with such a lacklustre Script you cant achieve that.
The film is set against a backdrop of interiors of india precisely Palampur.Rajeshwari[Tabu] who is groom hunting('saxena' {Community} Hunting) for his younger sister Nisha[uvika chowdury] and in the process meets Rahul[Sharman Joshi] and Yuvraaj[Vatsal Seth] two eligible bachelors.The story revolves around a Cunning and dominating Tabu who keeps on changing her mind depending on the wealth of the eligible grooms regardless of her sister's wish.
The humor is far and few and the faulty and detailess writing does more damage.It seemed that diretor was not serious about details and probably thats why sharman Joshi who was seen Riding a hero Honda Hunk bike all throughout the film in a small town of palampur is suddenly shown Riding a Bajaj discover with his love nisha that too on expressways u wont find in a small town.Furthermore u would see him dancing in front of high rise apartments and building with vehicles going past him on expressways in palampur which is shown to be a small town with mountain tops filled with greenery.while he was dancing he passes around two different weddings one a hindu and one christian outside a church but strangely and comically all the people are same in both the weddings.
The music of the film by 'pritam' isnt great either.besides 'Mera biyah' no other song catches your imagination.
In terms of acting,Tabu tries her best to keep the interest going but despite her best efforts she doesnt succeed,Ayub khan her husband is passable,Sharman joshi is i dont know why is dressed in one of the most ill fitted and tight shirts that i have seen in quiet some time but still he essays his role well as a simpleton Boy and doesnt have any witty punchlines which really hurt the film's chances,vatsal seth doesnt have much to do,Uvika chowdhury is reduced to nothing but a thumb sucking youngster who just cannot oppose her elder sister descision eventhough it is the most important decision of her life.Himani shivpuri is gud in her small role.Sharat saxena had no business in the film and there wud be a unanimous opinion amongst all the viewers that his role was nothing but forced in the film.
All in all it is a Film u wont mind skipping and is one of those Films which would look gud in narration but what comes out on screen is not as convincing specially when the story tellers are not true to their work like in this case.