4.5 Excellent

Hi, I am Moin Sheikh . Just joined film reviewing today. I have seen Tiger 3 movie today at indore. My above rating is 4 stars for the film not 4.5 by mistake it is showing 4.5 stars i give 5 stars Today we will be discussing the major point views about this film and this is the most important review you will understand everything of this film what could have improved what is good what is weak. Since i am a new critic please spread this review around try and do on social media app but i know it's hard. Before you read or hear other reviews there are a few important thing i will like to inform you about. 1. Storyline 2. Drama 3. Action sequences 4. VFX 5. Songs 6. Actually is Tiger 3 good or bad 6. Are they few negative reviews on internet ? Are they true? Does this mean film will flop or its very bad ? Will this affect collection of the film. Let me tell you about storyline My rating for storyline - 3.5 stars Storyline - there is a unique and engaging storyline in a way of Tiger 3. It is different from all other films in ways don't mind me saying this i will explain to you in detail since I a a new critic. Salman has requested each of us not to reveal any spoilers. This is between a Pakistan and Indian agent to bring peace. Usually we all say that in every film we don't get to see a proper storyline but Tiger storyline is engaging and good and most people have praised it too. My rating - 3 stars Drama scenes are above average and a family entertaining time together with some beautiful songs followed by romance in drama shown to us that is not a masterpiece but many of them people will clap especially old people above 70 those who can walk up to the cinema. I liked the songs mostly drama scenes are engaging and above average it does not mean they are bad till the time they get a 1 or 2 stars rating. My rating for action sequences - 4 stars Action sequences - they are solid followed with some good suspense. They have many stunts applied. In many parts of the film there is solid action which i must praise about this film. In some strict countries it has been issued an 18+ rating but there the censor is very strict this movie action is basically like the amount you must have seen in RRR film. Action scenes with some suspense are solid. VFX rating - 2 stars VFX - in terms VFX are not that good only in very few scenes are they good but that is in every film of Bollywood. I won't talk much about it. Is tiger 3 good or bad - today it has received a major positive response from audience including from the Hrithik Roshan cameo towards the post credit scene. Very few are saying 3 stars. So it is a masala entertainer but good in ways. Seeti mar performance -some reviewers might say that seet mar is not there but in many places it is there many in a specific area there is no. Today Tiger 3 has come on television on news channel NDTV people were saying it is all going well Secondly negative reviews are ver very few some people might no like the action but majority have a positive response. Don't look at internet reviews see the ones on YouTube. Internet also some are 3.5 stars but recent reports are saying that some reviewers were getting paid to give negative feedback today itself. What is weak is less but simple script is good but towards the storyline it has dropped slightly int he film still it is good because it got back to it's pace on the 2 nd half. Hope you like my review i will sharing starting from now Again i give 4 stars to it. It may face difficultly to beat record of jawan pathaan but recommend a watch to everyone. It has twist and turns too. Try and spread this review if you can since i am new it will be very helpful of you.