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The Social Network

"Facebook" - The ultimate social network which is a maniac all over the world has a history that is much more than just a story. David Fincher's take on this universal tale reveals the dark side of every human hidden in him that comes out to achieve success in life. 500 Million users and still counting... a huge number that doesn't come so easy and you can't even imagine so many characters when you decide to open your own social networking site. Here, we come to know that Facebook was not invented with the intention to make billions of dollars but as time flies, the mentality of "being just popular" changes to "being very rich". That's the story of every human who gets involved in socialism or business of which a perfect example is the great betrayal hidden in the story of the invention of 'Facebook'. So, you don't care a f**k if you are pronounced guilty for that.

Mark Zuckerberg(Jesse Eisenberg), the student of Harvard University is a complete gizmo geek himself for whom programming is as easy as peeing. After breaking up with his girlfriend Erica Albright(Rooney Mara), in frustration he blogged rude things about her but the most of all, when hatred against girls rise in him, he comes up with an idea to create a website to rate the attractiveness of female. He hacks into the databases of Harvardvarious residence halls, downloads pictures and names of female students and, using an algorithm for ranking chess players supplied by his best friend Eduardo Saverin(Andrew Garfield), he creates in a few hours a website called "FaceMash.com", where students can rate girls by their hotness. Mark was punished for six months because of "Facemash"'s humongous traffic that brought down the network of Harvard. But however, the fame of 'Facemash' drew attention of Cameron Winklevoss(Armie Hammer), Tyler Winklevoss(Josh Pence) & Divya Narendar(Max Minghella) that results Mark to be the programmer of the website owned by Winklevoss twins & their business partner, Divya.

Soon afterwards, Mark comes up with an Idea to make and exclusive social networking site, "Thefacebook.com" an approaches his friend Eduardo for economical help. Eduardo invests a thousand dollars on 'Thefacebook' to start it. Soon, Winklevoss twins hears of this and believe that Zuckerberg stole their idea to open 'Thefacebook'. Soon, 'Thefacebook' raises it's members and Sean Parker(Justin Timberlake), the founder of Napster joins the gang when 'Facebook('The' word was removed then) crew shifted them to California. But this vexed Eduardo. Soon, situations were solo handled by Sean himself and which resulted to conflict between Mark, the creator and programmer of 'Facebook' and Eduardo, The CFO of 'Facebook'. Dancing like a puppet of Sean, Mark cheated his most best and loyal friend Eduardo and later that night, Parker, along with a number of Facebook interns, was arrested for possession of cocaine during a party thrown on the occasion of Facebook's 1 millionth member. All of this resulted to a massacre when The Winklevoss twins and their business partner Divya along with Eduardo sued Mark for cheating(with Eduardo) and stealing Idea(of The Winklevoss twins).

Credits mostly go to a indomitable screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Even the film is based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" written by Ben Mezrich, Aaron puts up a beautifully composed and well-equipped script where smart & fresh dialogues are the icing on the cake. Music by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross also are commendable because situationally, the songs were a perfect choice(especially, "Baby, you're a Rich Man" at the end of the movie was a tremendous song).
Cinematography by Jeff Cronenweth was also stylish especially when he had caught the The Winklevoss twins rowing in the lake or The beautiful sights of Harvard.

Jeesie Eisenberg, the well known face from Zombieland(2009) was promising in the role of Mark and his smartness and attitudes in the character were proprietor of applause. It can be said, he stole the eyeballs alone. Rooney Mara was very short but inspite of being short, those moments had only 'Roonie' written on them. Andrew Garfiled was tremendous at a word for his vibrant & undramatic performance. Justin Timberlake who was 'Sean' and the only negative figure in the plot was witty and sufficient and it could be easily said that even his role was not so important, he didn't made us feel that. Others like Armie Hammer(Cameron Winklevoss), Josh Pence(Tyler Winklevoss), Max Minghella(Divya Narendra) were good but not commendable.

Sensitive & sober direction by David Fincher was another constituent that needs to be mentioned mostly. Adding life to a non-fictional story behind the invention of "Facebook" wouldn't have been such a simple job but with a super casting and severely talented crew, he made that possible. Giving super films like Fight Club(1999) & Oscar winner The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button(2008), he has relived the magic of controversial movies by "The Social Network" which surely needs excessive achievements.

Don't miss this 'Facebook' film at any cost not because it's related with the effects of 'Social Networking' in our social life but because it also inspires the fact where Money changes 'Loyalty' to 'Greed' and later 'Betrayal'. One of the greatest betrayals of all time, stands somewhere in the land of Harvard. Watch "The Social Network" to experience the changes in a human after fame binds him and try to find a heart behind the screen. This one's one of the greatest deliverances ever. Don't miss it.