4 Very Good

#TheGhaziAttack #Reviewwar films in India are majorly about ground wars or a bit of air battles. Apart from Anil Sharma's forgettable 'Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyon' there are no cinemas around Indian Navy. World's one of the best Naval Forces. Guarding 3/4th of Indian borders. Was looking forward to Gazi Attack as this is a story.. which the world needs to know. We need to know the ultimate sacrifice of life, men from our security forces commit. That's their job.Ghazi attack is based on a true story from 1971 India Pakistan war during East Pakistan being Bangladesh. INS VIKRANT, India's pride war ship was patrolling in the Bay Of Bengal which obviously was a major hurdle for Pak forces. PNS Gazi, Pakistan's most dreaded fighter submarine was sent on a mission to destroy Vikrant and attack Visakhapatnam of east coast India. Gazi Attack tells us the heroic, unusual, breathtaking tale of Indian Navy's fight back.Honestly the film is punctured badly at crucial points by shabby editing, amature vfx, confusing screenplay. The experience or the intensity of the nail biting battle of submarines inside the gigantic ocean remains underwhelming because of lack of cinematic treatment. Director Sankalp Reddy disappoints.But it still is an interesting watch because of the cast. KK Menon as the procrustean but hardcore patriotic Captian Ranvijay Singh, of the Indian submarine is superb. Though his role is abrupt. Another abrupt appearance is #TapasiPannu. Wasted in the role of Bangladeshi refugee. #AtulKulkarni shines as executive officer Devraj. Faithful to his captain. Soft spoken and hard nut to deal with. Well done. #RanaDuggubati is good as Lt. Commander Arjun Verma. He - like John Abraham, is blessed with an expressionless face. Which helps him for such roles. Rahul Singh as Pakistani Captian of submarine Gazi is okay. He has got couple of cracker lines like 'Upar neeche kar raha hai submarine ko. Commander hai ya liftman?' Om Puri ji is there in a short appearance. Good to see him.Overall #TheGhaziAttack isn't a great film but has a great story of our courageous fellow country men. Who have never received their share of the war hero's glory. And they knew it beforehand. With heavy heart i would raise my hand for 2 cheers for the movie but a Salute to the team who even thought of this.????????