4 Very Good

Tauba Tauba

Tauba Tauba is no doubt a Daft movie which Flopped big time in the box office. It is a copy of a European film i saw long time ago on TV. I don't recall the name of the movie, but it stars Syvia Kristal. The movie lacks almost everything from bad acting to bad script. The only good thing about this movie are the two very sexy actresses. Payal Rohatgi is a sexy actress, who is forced to seduce the 15 year old kid. Monalisa (A.K.A. Antra Biswas) is the second actress in this movie, playing the love of the comic and lousy villain. Monalisa is incredibly sexy, with a cute face and a perfect body. In my opinion, Monalisa is one of the most sexiest actresses in Bollywood. (If i had a chance to meet any actresses, it would be her). She is a Star in South India, but hasn't made much Bollywood films, mainly because her acting isn't Superb and her voice (is cute, but doesn't suit. Tauba tauba is suppose to be a sex comedy, it does contain a few jokes. As for sex, there are plenty of steamy scenes and a small scene with Monalisa that was edited out. You can see this scene on the trailer, but its not on the DVD sadly. If i had the chance (Director/Producers Chair), i would have a three some with Monalisa and Payal Rohatgi. Oh Yes a lovely sandwich that would be.