5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

I saw this movie in Texas. After the movie has concluded, audience started clapping loud in appreciation and no one wants to leave the theater(even after 18 reels, 3 hrs). That sums up my unique experience. There was a great script by Amol Gupte, extensive research by Deepa Bhatia, soulful soundtrack(every song is a gem lyrically & musically) by SEL, amazing photography by Sethu(Visual effects are mesmerizing) and mind blowing direction by "debutante" Aamir khan. Everything was sooooo perfect. All this would have fallen flat except for the protege of Shiamak Davar, the prodigy Master Darsheel Safary. What a performance? He is a powerhouse of talent and the real star of this enterprise. Aamir is so right in placing his name before him in the starting name credits. Outstanding effort. The fact that Aamir worked as assistant director before for some movies helped him lot it seems. Mr Perfectionist has got this one absolutely perfect. Aamir has never disappointed me in a decade with his choice of movies. When Mani Ratnam made a movie called Anjali, I was swept away for the effort required to extract the performance from the 6 year old is monumental. This one is close as it deals with a 8 year old boy. Aamir need to be lauded for his outstanding effort. Movies never get this perfect and nostalgic. I spent all my childhood in boarding school from 5th standard. This movie will remind everyone of thier childhood days.
This movie deserves every award under the sun. I don't care about Indian awards which are meant for a few hyped lobbyists anyway. I hope this movie gets nominated for Oscars and win atleast one award. The only problem there would be the length of the movie. Aamir needs to reedit to suit the Academy. It's high time the world recognizes Bollywood for quality rather than quantity. I wish Aamir/Darsheel all the best for the third time.
Oh, there is a mystery lady companion, Jabeen, for Aamir in this movie. Wonder what's the story behind it. I am guessing they shot a romantic thread but later on edited it for time constraints. The chick is so cute though.
Five stars is not enough to rate this movie. We need to bring all the stars from the heavens for such a sweet movie. Aamir is THE STAR of bollywood.