5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

Here he comes again..Aamir Khan comes to delight us and show us the difference between men and boys. Aamir, the man, has created a masterpiece. Amol has written an awesome script, music is touching and beautiful, Prasoon's lyrics are so real and touching and Aamir's direction is just amazing..infact outstaning... Right treatment to right subject. Beautiful. Actingwise every1 is damn good. Tisca Chopra looks so real.
Aamir is brilliant. He is always brilliant and now is almost taken for granted that he will be brilliant..lol..actually if any other actor would have given this performance he would been showered praises like he just walked to the moon and came back..but with Aamir we expect him to walk to the moon and come back..dont we..lol..trust me he is majestic...and here comes the super kid..darsheel..Wow..is all I can say..I just dont have words for this kid..Take a bow!! I wish I can hug him right now..Great darsheel..You are just out of this world..I have seen this movie twice and I was bowled over both times..Infact I liked it even more the 2nd time...Thanks Aamir for being in this industry..Thanks for acting in movies and making movies.. Less than 5 star rating is an insult to TZP..it desrves 5 stars and more taare..