4 Very Good

Slumdog Millionaire Is What Each And Every One Is Looking Forward Too.Slumdog Millionaire Has A Riveting Story To Tell.The Story Is Equally Presented On The Big Screen.The Screenplay Is Completely Hooking.The First Half Is Complete Knockout While The Second Half Becomes Slow But Regains Its Track Towards The Finale.The Conclusion Is Very Convincing.The Dialouges Are Well Written.Music Is Good.'JAI HO' Is The Best Of The Lot.Cinematography Is Excellent.Direction By Danny Boyle Is Praiseworthy.His Treatment To The Subject looks Authentic.Dev Patel Gives An Outstanding Performance.Frieda Pinto Is Brilliant.
Their Chemistry Is Also Good.Anil Kapoor Is Superb
Irrfan Khan Is Natural.Saurabh Shukla Is First Rate.Mahesh Manjrekar Does A Fine Job.The Child Actors Are Excellent.Overall,SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Is One Of The Finest Films Of Our Times.Must Watch