3 Good

I just came back after watching the biggest awaited movie of this summer. The much hyped, much awaited, and much circulated movie has finally come out of the bottle. I was having a lot of expectations from this movie. And my expectations gone more higher when i read that TARAN has given it 4 stars rating. But the truth is truth, though i liked the movie, but the truth remains the truth and that is SINGH IS KINNG is not upto my expectations. Overall its a nice entertainer but i was expecting a lot from this movie. There is no soul in the movie, there are lots of comedy sequences which makes you laugh, but the story is the biggest drawback of the movie. SIK is good entertainer, overall a nice timepass movie. AKSHAY is the show stealer with out any doubt, KATRINA was HOT, really HOT. SONU SOOD was just about okay, OM PURI was good enough, KIRON KHER was same as usual. On the whole, its a good comedy entertainer. Go and watch it out.

NOTE: According to my views, NAMASTEY LONDON [punjabi background] was good enough than SINGH IS KINNG. But its my views.