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Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene

Music: Meet Bros. Anjjan, Dhruv Dhalla, Sandeep Chaterjee & Faridkot (The Band)

Lyrics: Kumaar, Manoj Yadav, Tejpal Singh Rawat & I.P. Singh

Music Label: Zee Music


There are barely any from this small film.


The album begins with its worst track, and one of the most obnoxious songs we have heard in a while - 'Selfiyaan' (Khushboo Grewal singing with Manmeet and Harmeet of Meet Bros.), a song written by Kumaar and 'composed' by Meet Bros. Anjjan.

With lyrics that have little rhyme and hardly any reason, this is a raucous number unleashing harsh voices and cacophonous orchestration in a bid to cash in on a clever hook - 'Selfiyaan' - a supposedly plural Hindi term for 'Selfie' treated with trendy phonetics - after all, we are in the age of 'meherbaniyaan', 'madhoshiyaan', 'khamoshiyaan' and more. The lyrics are suffused with double entendre, especially when Khushboo's wannabe-sensual vocals come in ( 'Baby peeche ka peeche ka / Darwaaza khula hai na baby peeche ka'). And we thought that we had outgrown this closet sleaze 20 years ago, after Roja, Dalaal and more! The overdose of incomprehensible Punjabi completes the damage.

If that track was intolerable, the Dhruv Dhalla-composed 'Dekh Le Kismet Yaar' (sung by him with Jaspreet Singh and Pinky Maidasani) is just disappointing, though the lyrics (Manoj Yadav) are not too bad. The pace of the song comes across as frantic, as if they want to get the lyrics over with as rapidly as possible, and so there is barely any chance to breathe and make a mark for all the singers.

Jubin Nautiyal-Asees Kaur sing the love duet 'Dil Ka Funda' composed by Sandeep Chaterjee and well-written by Tejpal Singh Rawat. Asees' tenor is similar to Shilpa Rao's, and Jubin does a mellow job of his portion. The song sounds like a familiar throwback to various recent hits, but the soft instrumentation and lyrics make it worth a listen ( 'Na bangla na mehangi gaadi /Sapna hai mere paas / Dene ko hai bas mera dil / Phir bhi aaogi kya mere saath / Aaogi kya ?' ).

We now come to 'Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene', the title-track, sung and written by I.P. Singh and composed by his band Faridkot. The hook 'Kyoon ki sharafat gayi hai tel lene' is catchy, but the rest of the song and lyrics do not measure up despite a seemingly sincere attempt. The rhythm is kept heavy and guitar-rich but the song somehow does not connect.


This is a humdrum album, even by today's undemanding standards.

Our Pick:

'Dil Ka Funda'