2 Average

Screening held.
Rating - 2 stars if you see 3 stars ignore it it's 2 stars from my side. 3 stars if you see it might have occurred by mistake if it's 2 stars then it's okay.
The first half of Salaar goes well including an average script but the second half is tiresome with not limit to action and not everyone will like it.
The initial part mind of starts off well with a story introducing characters and there will be little less voilence in the 1 st half but second half is unbearable but there are a few seeti mar moments in the film in second half too.
Towards the second half I found a dip in the storyline too which was not good.
Mainly 1st half i liked it was average but the second half is not that good voilent dialogues, voilent things are shown.
A Paisa vasool entertainer.
The answer is simple the film is more only on vulgar action and less of comedy so my advise is that it does not matter if you watch it or not in cinemas.
There is nothing new except 1 or 2 action stunts shown it is like other Hombale films with some.seeti maf moments but not too many few after interval too with some voilent action scenes less of drama.
Not everybody will give positive feedback on 22nd December.
Direction in terms is good. Alot still needed to be better
You will think why average it's a Prashant Neel film - See again I am telling few things are okay but the action might not suit some people in terms especially towards last there is only non stop voilence that Hollywood level type in which you shoot someones head that kind of action.
Story was average okay not bad but too much of killing some scenes could not be watchable.
Lot of scenes are shot in dark.
If acting is there won't say bad but some areas needed improvement and some areas it's watchable.
Slightly dissapointed by 2nd half.
Songs are average.
Normal Maddy Paisa vasool entertainer.
More for Massy audience and yes few people might feel little sick after action scenes not everyone few people.
Average watch.
If you are not willing to watch this you can watch it OTT as well. You get to see the same drama shown in every film except some action parts story is decent but for some people they might as well feel a drop down towards the second half as the 1st half is mainly focussed towards some character buliding some action too but not as much and it's mainly meant for youngster between 18-27 years of age they will like it and for all fans but women may not.
We cannot compare this is a film which will have different opinions from people basically Prabhas is shown as a voilent person killing, hitting and fighting.
Not for comedy lovers

Not for the faint hearted at all.

May for our for some may not work out for some people.