3 Good

An average decent film but not for all.
What impresses
Action scenes some stunts are good
Prabhas entry might make fans clap.
Song are average but entertaining.
Screenplay is average in areas
What is okay but not so good
Story - In salaar the storyline dis in the second half you feel little irritated.
1 at half - It mainly introduces character and some action that too blood.
Second half is also full action.nothing else t say the movie is sharp in its action scenes.
Direction is also good okay.
From some areas not that good.
Acting performance is just about average some scenes overacting.
Some people will love it but some will feel irritated towards the second half.
One time watch for me.
Again it might not work out for every A-rated and full blood and action.
I would not call it the best except some stunts but an average one time watch for me.
From test special screening arranged.
One thing is that even if you like 20 percent action do not choose Salaar because it has a lot of sharp action inappropriate scenes.
We are equally show some entertaining songs.