3.5 Very Good

Rating - 3.5 stars.
Rating - 18 plus.
very average film but this site Bollywood Hungama through which we are asked to put will show 3.5 as very good.
Story - The story is very decent in fact in some parts there is a drop also. Towards the first half all okay but towards the second half my god I did not understand even a single word of the storyline only action, killing.
1st half has action but little less it focusses on introduction of basic characters.
Acting is also about okay.
Scenes are very dark.
The dialogues could have been far better instead of giving violent dialogues of war.
2nd half - There is nothing to say only voilence,voilence and violence strictly for people who enjoy violent films.
Don't go with your families.
I am neither happy by Salaar in way neither too upset.
A very decent film.