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Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande Music Review



One isn't quite sure what to expect from the music of Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande. After all, the title doesn't quite convey a musical in the offing while the promotion has been on a lower side as well. However, with youngsters like

Siddharatth-Suhas at the helm of affairs and Dhruv Dhalla (who is remembered till date for 'Chak De Phatte' - Khosla Ka Ghosla) chipping in as well, you hope to be surprised with a song or two that may have in it to be popular amongst

the youth.


It's lounge, club and Punjabi mix coming together to create a lethal combination in the form of 'Naino Wali Whiskey' which could just have gone a long way had it been promoted aggressively. Shahid Maliya is the man coming

behind the mike for this dance floor number that is just the kind of song that becomes hugely popular up North. Since this Parvin Dabas film too has a Delhi setting to it, it is surprising that the makers didn't go all out to bring this song to the

audience. Anyways, this Kumaar written song is the kind that doesn't have a shelf life restricted to just the play of the film in theatres and can find itself in DJ's list of favourites, especially with it's 'remix' creating good enough heat.

Next to arrive is 'Mast Kalander' which starts with a sound similar to that of 'Chak De Phatte'. It isn't surprising though since the man behind it all is Dhruv Dhalla who creates another foot tapping number here. Rendered

with aplomb by newcomer Brijesh Kumar with Seema Saini coming up with lyrics that are out and out massy, 'Mast Kalandar' is abound with 'dhol beats' and has in it to make you rush to the dance floors. Yet another track that arrives

again in a 'remix version' and makes you wonder what made the makers lie low on this one.

Since the film is set in Delhi-Haryana belt, one gets to hear the rustic sound that one associates with the region. However, it is interesting to see how the rustic sound merges well into the Western sound with Punjabi beats, lyrics and mood

finding good prominence, hence resulting in a good fusion mix for Kumaar written 'Desi Jat Posse'. In fact one is instantly reminded of 'Mehngai Dayain' from Peepli [Live] and let the fact be stated, this Siddharatth

Suhas has a much better commercial appeal to it. Sung by Mahi with Suhas Shetty chipping in with English rap and lyrics, 'Desi Jat Posse' is yet another good track and deserves a 'remix' for itself.

Next to arrive is a Suhas Shetty solo, 'Door Na Jaana', which has an Indi-pop mood to it and brings in good variety in the album. Yet again it is Siddharatth-Suhas-Kumaar combo at work and together they ensure that despite the

restricted scale and setting of the film, they do well in giving their all to come up with a love song that makes an impact in a standalone mode as well. Yet another song that is not dependent on the film's run and can find an audience for itself

provided word of mouth takes it through.

Dhruv Dhalla and Seema Saini combine again for 'Barf Mein Tension' which takes forward the 'Kallu Mama' [Satya] legacy. A song where one can expect a bunch of friends to be getting together, partying, driking

and making merry, 'Barf Mein Tension' is a situational number which has a fast paced appeal to it and sung well by Brijesh Kumar and Jaspreet Singh. Set as a conversational song, this one should make for an interesting view in the film's


The one that follows though is expected to play in the background at during some action sequences of the film, hence making one feel that perhaps it would be a Guy Ritchie kind of a narrative that Parvin Dabas would be adapting during his story

telling. Put to tune by Siddharatth Suhas, written by Kumaar and sung by Master Saleem with additional vocals by Krishna, 'Thap Denge' is ferocious, passionate, high paced and high energy enough to ensure good momentum in

story telling.

An out and out Haryanvi number, 'Oh Lalaji', wraps up the album and doesn't quite entice one to play it back all over again. Written by Late Lakmichand, it is sung and composed by Master Mahavir Chopra and makes one wonder

what prompted Parvin into placing this song in an album which was otherwise maintaining a good momentum so far. It is surprising though to hear a 'remix version' for this one too.


Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande is an above average soundtrack with majority of songs doing well as warranted by the mood, flavour and overall setting of the film. In fact there are a couple of dance numbers which have the potential to find

good audience for them in a longer run as well. However, what is the need of the situation is to have far more aggressive promotion around the album since so far visibility hasn't been phenomenal. Siddharatth-Suhas have done well as they have

been consistently doing for last few years. However they won't mind more commercial success coming their way as well.


Naino Wali Whiskey, Mast Kalander, Desi Jat Posse

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