5 Excellent


I think Taran talks rubbish when he reviewed this film. Him, like all other audiences, only considered "good films" to be the typical masala films (hence OSO). And all you people cannot OSO with Saawariya. They are two totally different film. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and SLB delivered exactly that! Saawariya was an awesome movie. Forget what everyone said, SONY invested well with Saawariya. Ranbir and Sonam looks so good together. Let's hope this interprets to real life as well! Ranbir gave first class acting. It's proven that talents does really run in the Kapoor's blood. Sonam looked so beautiful in this film. Her looks, like many actresses, are a classic. with all these actresses nowaday exposing themselves and having fake extentions, here's a girl to keep it real. Rani was superb. She has proven once again why she's the Queen of Bollywood. Salman was powerful in his 10 minutes. SLB once again has made a classic. Forget all these rubbish reviews from all these mindless people. They do not know what they are talking about. If Hollywood can appreciate dream-like and/or fantasy movies such Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Pans Lyberith, Peter Pan and such then why can't movies like Saawariya be appreciated in Bollywood? I think it's time for a change people! The typical masala movie has become a bore.