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Every third Hindi film either borrows or is inspired from a Hollywood film. Sometimes, the rehashed version works. Most of the times, it doesn't!

Also, it's important to choose a story that would strike a chord with Indian moviegoers. RU-BA-RU borrows from the Hollywood film IF ONLY [2004; Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls], a subject that would work on the DVD circuit in India more than at plexes. Reason: The storyline is too hypothetical.

Debutante director Arjun Bali's choice of the subject may be debatable, but you can't shut your eyes to the fact that he has handled the subject with dexterity. In fact, a theme like this would've blown into smithereens had the captain of the shop been an incompetent storyteller.

Tara [Shahana Goswami] and Nikhil [Randeep Hooda] are in love. Tara wants to cement the relationship by seeking commitment in marriage. But Nikhil, a workaholic, is always pre-occupied with work.

The trouble in paradise starts with Nikhil constantly forgetting small little things that make a relationship work. He starts taking his girlfriend for granted. And the day comes when Tara cannot take it anymore. She walks out on him, but something drastic happens...

For any love story to click, it ought to be embellished with moments that touch your heart. RU-BA-RU has some moments that live in your memory. Note this sequence: Shahana meets with an accident in the first hour and Randeep's cry/scream for help subsequently. Now recall this: Randeep experiencing déjà vu in the second hour.

On the flip side, RU-BA-RU unravels at a lethargic pace. Also, the second hour should've been shorter. The song in the pre-climax should've been deleted. Even otherwise, music [Satyadev Burman, Sameeruddin] is strictly okay. Andre Menezes' cinematography captures the beauty of Bangkok with finesse.

That Randeep Hooda is a fine actor is reaffirmed yet again as he plays his part without overdoing it one bit. It's a complete departure from his violence-laden roles [D, RISK] and must add, he's adept at romantic roles as well. Shahana Goswami is incredible. A complete natural. ROCK ON!! and RU-BA-RU should only cement her status. Rati Agnihotri and Jayant Kripalani are perfect for their parts. Kulbhushan Kharbanda's calm look is worth noting. The actress enacting the role of Shahana's friend is passable.

On the whole, RU-BA-RU is a decent fare, but in view of the fact that there's no buzz for the film and also scant awareness, it will meet with a disastrous fate.

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