5 Excellent


Rahman is back!! And this time he brings a super star with him...in the form of Mohit Chauhan. Of course this is not his first movie, but this album seems to have rediscovered both of them! Another re-discovery is that of Irshaad Kaamil.

Coming to the songs....each song is a stroke of a genius! Be it the conventional melodious tunes such as Katyan Karoon and Phir Ud Chala or be it the hardcore rock numbers like Sadda Haq or Jo Bhi Main...! The songs grow on you with each listen and this time....the growth is exponential!

Great Job to all involved! Great job to the musicians as well...the guitarist, the percussionists, and the rest!

Rahman....we have been waiting for this....thank you so much for giving this phenomenal album to bollywood! Two Thumbs Up!!