3.5 Very Good


After a long wait of 6 months, finally Himesh Reshammiya has come out with his new album Red.
The album has really is a mixed bag of emotions and a bit different from the rest of the albums.
In this album he has mixed techno songs as well as Sufi tracks. Actually Red is a very passionate musical composition by Himesh and its a good ans strong
comeback by him.
Although his next albums are on the queue such as Namaste London etc. but Red stands out to be a good contender in the charts.

The first song "Aafreen" is a good and passionate song for lovers and the new generation as it displays the strong will and determination of getting the
love of one's life, no matter what be the situation or circumstances evolve. Its a good soundtrack created by Himesh and really sung well by him. On a first
glance or on listening to the mukhra of the song, a person can really delve into the song because of the melody and atmosphere it creates. A really
passionate number for music lovers!

For "Aameen" seems to be a sequel to the "Aafreen" song. Its a good score but then also it seems to be somewhat same to the first track Aafreen. All in all
its a good track to listen but not hat much catchy to keep it on and on. Compared to the track Allah Kare from Ahista Ahista, the beats of the tabla matches
a great deal with that of Allah Kare. The Antra of the song is really good to hear for the first time but again not much catchy for the audiences.
Agreed that its a passionate song but could have been much better.

The third track "Ek tum hi bane the Kya" is really a very good track in terms of compositon and reveals the anger and melancholiness of the atmosphere and
the person. Its a really sad and rocking song which runs throughs the listeners. Also Himesh has very cleverly recycled his instruments. He also has used an
instrument which he had used earlier in the composition of "Aashiqana hai yeh Dil" from his debut and superhit album "Aapka Surroor" and the music also somewhat
resembles with the music of "Aashiqana hai yeh Dil" from his debut and superhit album "Aapka Surroor". But frankly speaking the song could have been mush better
and greater with KK or Zubeen Garg singing in place of Jayesh Gandhi. It would have been much better if Himesh had chosen Jayesh to be in the background vocals.
All in all, a nice number and a rocking track but opinions differ from person to person.

Now coming to my favourite track, "Dil Ne Yeh Na Jaana" which is a megahit according to me. Again opinions may differ but really this track has added a new
dimension to the sad tracks created by Himesh Reshammiya. The intro by Harshdeep adds an splendid and soulful touch to the song's starting. Himesh after a very
long six month gap has returned with a very splendid melancholy song and has given beautiful and ecstatic music to the magnanimous lyrics. The Antra of the song
is really soulful. All in all, this composition stnds out to be a unique composition of Himesh Reshammiya in the upcoming years in terms of melancholy songs.

The fifth track of the album "Loneliness is killing" is sung by Himesh Reshammiya and Akriti Kakkar which is the most less scoring song of the album. But
opinions differ. The song is totally sung by Himesh Reshammiya except for Akriti Kakkar singing as a background vocalist. The number is quite decent but the song
still is not good not bad track. The song describes about loneliness and how it devastates a person when he is lonely.
All in all, the song is a neutral addition to the album.

For the album, there are a total of nine songs from which 4 are dedicated to remixes. The remix version of Aafreen is also very impatcful as the original
one. Nicely created and blended perfectly this is a good remix number. Well the remix version of Aameen is also not punchy and catchy. Like the original one,
the remix version also drops down. All in all, the Aameen package is not satisfactory. Rocking song Ek Tum Hi is really good when remixed and the number is
really nice to hear just like the original composition. The remix version of "Loneliness" is created where the songs tries to compete up to its fellow numbers
in the album but couldn't quite do it just because the other tracks of the movie are really better than the song except Aameen.

Overall, Red is an album which should stick to the charts. Except for Aameen and Loneliness, the others really strengthen the album to meet the listener's
expectations. But still people still expect Himesh to rock the world in this year 2007 with much more splendid tracks and albums. Red has just ignited his
show for 2007.
Good Edition to music collection.