1.5 Average


Pathetic Movie.Salman Khan is a Highly Overrated Actor.No matter How bad His Movies are people will try their best to Love his Movies.People Loves Him just because he is a good Human being offscreen.As far as Ready is concerned We have seen this Kind of comedy in David Dhawan Movies before.Movie itself doesn't make any sense.It starts off well but as the movie progresses it turned out to be a utter Garbage.Salman is not suited in comedy Movies as he is good in action Movies.So from Now On He needs to read the script first before signing.If another Movie like Ready being made in Bollywood then we are Not Ready to watch it.Music of this Movie is somewhat tolerable but the Movie is Highly Disappointing.Aneez Bazmee's "Thank you" was way better than Ready.Give it a Miss even if you are a salman Khan Fan.