3 Good


Salman Khan comes out with another movie and the expectations are beyond limit for this one(Courtesy: Dabangg. Its the first time Pritam creates music for a Salman starrer therefore a lot of other things happen for the first time. For example, Neeraj sings for Salman for the first time in "Character Dheela" which should be a chartbuster without a shadow of a doubt. The music, the lyrics, choreography, setting (in the music video) gels superbly. This one is a winner.
The comes in "Dhinka Chika". And here also its the first time Mika is singing for Salman. Result the song is a blast of fun. Mix Mika's singing to Salman's dhamaal on screen and you get full on masti. The music is nice the tune Dhinka Chika is catchy. The lyrics amy not be as cool as I would have like to but it still works considering it is a Salman (The Ruler of Masses) starrer.
The third song is "Humko Pyaar Hua". The last song which K.K sang, that instantly comes to my mind, was Tadap Tadap, after that comes this romantic track with Tulsi Kumar. The song is soothing, music is nice but the flow of lyrics is a problem here. The line 'Puri Hui Dua' seems a bit rushed which makes me a little irritated. On the whole its an average track.
The last song (in the album and on my list too) is "Meri Ada Bhi". After reading the name Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on the credit of this song I expected a great song, considering the last 2 songs he sang for Salman (Taakte Rehte and Surili Akhiyon Waale). This song is nothing much to write about. The music is not catchy, the lyrics are not good. Hope it comes out better on screen.
The bottom line is Ready, being a Salman Khan movie provides what I wanted 'Masti'. The song Character Dheela and Dhnika Chika are going to be talked about for sometime and will be a sure shot hit with the masses.