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Race 2 Music Review



'Tremendous' - is the best way to describe expectations that one has from the music of Race 2. After all, the team is just the same that had made the soundtrack of 'Race' stand out on its release. With Pritam continuing to be on a roll and delivering some of the peppiest tunes that suit the kind of genre that Race 2 belongs, there is no reason to expect anything lesser in this Abbas-Mustan flick. Mayur Puri's presence as a lyricist makes one further interested in checking out what the music has to offer here. The only hitch? Album isn't seeing any physical sales and would be available only online. More about that later.


Race 2 begins with just the kind of song that has defined quite a few associations that Pritam, Atif Aslam and Tauranis have enjoyed over the years. 'Be Intehaan' is the song in picture which is a beautiful love song that has a Pritam stamp all over it. Moreover with Atif getting it perfectly right once again, especially in the 'antara' portions, you know this is one melodious number that just cannot be missed. Sunidhi Chauhan is just an ideal partner that he gets behind the mike and together they make sure that the song sticks on you in the 'remix version' as well. Though Rahul Vaidya's 'unplugged' version arrives on the scene as well, one is tempted to go back to what Atif has to deliver in the original track.

Post this melodic outing, it is time for Pritam to get into a club mode. He starts with 'Lat Lag Gayee' which has Benny Dayal getting it right once again. Moreover, one also notices Mayur Puri's lyrics that have time and again worked, especially during his association with Pritam. Unconventional is the name of the game for 'Lat Lag Gayee' where Shalmali Kholgade scores yet again in this high energy number. There are two different tracks that the composition adopts and Pritam does well in seamlessly integrating the two with his two singers. In fact it is surprising that this one doesn't fetch a 'remix version' for itself.

What catches your attention in a big way though is 'Party On My Mind' which has guest lyricist Prashant Ingole stepping in. A fun number with which Shefali Alvares can claim to have got her due, this one is an addictive number that peaks further with K.K. arriving on the scene. He is at his boisterous best and with Pritam getting his arrangements perfectly right for this out and out dance number, you know for sure that 'Party On My Mind' (also arriving in a 'remix version') has in it to score well. In the middle of this all, Yo Yo Honey Singh arrives on the scene as well. However this is one song which stands tall on its own strength.

By the time 'Allah Duhai Hai' arrives, you know that the idea behind the music of Race 2 was quite simple - Keep it high energy, peppy and akin to instant coffee! What strikes most about this newer (and much more exciting) version of the original song in Race is the coming together of singers like Atif Aslam, Vishal Dadlani, Anushka Manchanda, Ritu Pathak and Michie. Each of them is clearly having a lot of fun recording this number and one can well expect Pritam and his team to be half jumping while putting this one together in the studio. The song deservingly finds a 'remix version' for itself which keeps the tempo on.

This is the reason why it is justified to have a roundup in the form of 'Race 2 - Mashup'. With each of the songs finding a placement in the mashup, it is one finale which pretty much entices one to revisit the album all over again.


Race 2 is a very good album that has each and every song leaving an impact. It also makes one look forward to what the film too has to offer since it does well in setting up the mood for the film. However, and as stated earlier, it is surprising to note that the album hasn't seen any physical release for itself in the form of audio CDs. While this is an experiment that one believes would have been well thought of (considering the fact that digital revolution is the 'in' thing), the fact also remains that if not for anything else, physical presence adds on to the visibility factor. Now one just hopes that these compositions by Pritam and Mayur indeed reach out to an audience wide enough.


Be Intehaan, Party On My Mind, Allah Duhai Hai, Lat Lag Gayee,

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